Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann

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00:00 Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS
08:01 Dhars Outro
08:22 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Troy Whitaker and Dhar Mann
Idea: Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Grant Swanson
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellano, Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Brian Sly
Teacher - Katherine Norland
Principal - Sean Harris
Adam - Ayden Mekus
Marcus - Devon Weetly
Mom - Shaunte Massard
Dad - Eric J. Black
Woman - Dehab Hagi
Secretary - Dorothy Mannine
Janitor - Richard Larimore
Student 1 - Nathaniel Sanchez
Student 2 - Xavier Owens
Student 3 - Orion Hunter
Student 4 - Maci Brust
Student 5 - Nyasia Surgick
Student 6 - Angelina Koerner
Student 7 - Ty'Quasha Palmer

#LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Prieš 26 dienų
Hi #DharMannFam, SHOP NOW! My latest merch is available now! New colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: bit.ly/2KCEl1Y Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2 ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Judging Others: bit.ly/3nn3Kej
Aarati Sah_27
Aarati Sah_27 Prieš 58 minučių
Malak Adam
Malak Adam Prieš 17 val
XxiceyKittyxX ∆∆∆
XxiceyKittyxX ∆∆∆ Prieš 8 dienų
Ruben Herrera
Ruben Herrera Prieš 12 dienų
Felipe Quadrado
Felipe Quadrado Prieš 18 dienų
Dhar Mann, just to help the fact that Marcus walked to the end of the a class door with a glass wall kinda takes away the importance of glass... while Marcus went to the door to see his father, his father looked at him through the glass... you know what I'm trying to say? just trying to help here...
danielle ofosu
danielle ofosu Prieš 11 minučių
So you see...
Gv Rondolos
Gv Rondolos Prieš 20 minučių
The teacher has different eye color?
Ryan Crowe
Ryan Crowe Prieš 43 minutes
skinny playz
skinny playz Prieš 43 minutes
Plot twist: janitor is aizen and this was all his plan
ToNiHoMi Prieš 54 minutes
Your great and I am inspired! I love your channel! Bring more videos for us to enjoy!
jesus salgadp
jesus salgadp Prieš val
hey i actuly learned a lesson
Fatima Rahman
Fatima Rahman Prieš val
BHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!the lady's hair is orange
AIDAN.COMFORT 103781 Prieš 2 val
AIDAN.COMFORT 103781 Prieš 2 val
KellGoCrazyy Prieš 2 val
we gonna ignore the fact she got a brown eye and a blue eye????
Cloudy. sky
Cloudy. sky Prieš 2 val
miss karen, how accurate
sky the girl girl
sky the girl girl Prieš 3 val
The teacher should hear her student before she accuse him of something
•🅜🅘🅛🅚🅨¥☨• Prieš 3 val
You don't even have proof he did drugs red eyes can equal crying sleeping equals no sleep that aint proof And blonde boy acting sus
Cheese Puff
Cheese Puff Prieš 3 val
not the expanding dinosaur pills-
Faruk Gopalani
Faruk Gopalani Prieš 3 val
Can you believe that the Teachers name was Ms. Karen?
íɑʍ Malasia》
íɑʍ Malasia》 Prieš 3 val
Ofc her name ms Karen lil bald headed self
Leni_Dark ローズ Rōzu Oikawa
Leni_Dark ローズ Rōzu Oikawa Prieš 4 val
“Miss.Karen” Wha-
Nolley Kaylen
Nolley Kaylen Prieš 4 val
bro she sus look at her eyes
Golden Kid
Golden Kid Prieš 4 val
The kid looks scary
all the mom had to do was ask for proof that they were her son's drugs and they would have been stumped.
Your Local Short Person
Your Local Short Person Prieš 5 val
lazare 13
lazare 13 Prieš 5 val
Teacher has heterachromia means ur left eye is cyan and right eye is brown or purple or red U can see it if u look closely at teachers eyes
Savannah Harper
Savannah Harper Prieš 5 val
To all the teacher out there NO KIDS DO HOMEWORK ON THE WEEKEND
Alexa Thomas
Alexa Thomas Prieš 6 val
roan lanzaderas
roan lanzaderas Prieš 6 val
Can we appreciate the teacher's different color of eyelids
Simone Hardnett
Simone Hardnett Prieš 6 val
He was swiping right at the dinner table and didn’t expect to get caught!
:snowy fox:
:snowy fox: Prieš 7 val
The teacher is a really a karen🤔
Aminath Waheedha
Aminath Waheedha Prieš 8 val
Michael Anthony Murphy
Michael Anthony Murphy Prieš 8 val
i dont think i would think of him as sus for his skin but for the fact that hes wearing a black hoodie with the hood on and sunglasses thats pretty sus
5- Minute Lessons
5- Minute Lessons Prieš 9 val
Wait Adam gave her an apple So, it is Adam's apple, right?
Hafiz Zulkiply
Hafiz Zulkiply Prieš 9 val
F that teacher
Hafiz Zulkiply
Hafiz Zulkiply Prieš 9 val
Pls help me
shamamvu delphine
shamamvu delphine Prieš 10 val
i like that time she regrets it
shamamvu delphine
shamamvu delphine Prieš 10 val
Katrina Mae Sabate
Katrina Mae Sabate Prieš 10 val
this make cry
MochiCookies Prieš 10 val
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Prieš 10 val
Don’t do drugs people...
da unicorn kitty
da unicorn kitty Prieš 11 val
Aden just playing the kid who is taking drugs
Bubbles animates
Bubbles animates Prieš 11 val
*adams apple*
Pikmin 928
Pikmin 928 Prieš 12 val
Before this vid I got a add saying don’t do drug’s because it’s basically metal in your lungs or something
Asian Kokonut
Asian Kokonut Prieš 12 val
mS kArEn?
Smith Sinha
Smith Sinha Prieš 13 val
𝚆𝚘𝚠, 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝙺𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗 ?
Randomizer Prieš 13 val
They need to stop with the Karen name, it’s really bad for all the good Karen out there, this is specifically targeting a person name.
Cassi Sanchez
Cassi Sanchez Prieš 13 val
Adams’s apple lol
Carter Dittus
Carter Dittus Prieš 15 val
Did Adam drug the apple
Howis Bowis
Howis Bowis Prieš 15 val
I'm sorry, but this video is ridiculous. If you look at marcus, he is tired, and his eyes are bloodshot red. That is what happens when you do drugs. You cannot tell me with a straight face that this person assumed he was doing drugs because he's black.
Viperking playz
Viperking playz Prieš 15 val
miss karen se looks like a karen btw 1 of her eyes aer blue and 1 of her eyes are hazel
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson Prieš 15 val
At 6:58 you really should've had the teacher just say "well your son is the only "black" kid in the school, so they must belong to him"... I mean it was about as implied as it could be, but since most people aren't idiots then you should really just come out & say it outright... just in case any of your followers are & had trouble following it 😂 and the ones that aren't wouldn't feel as if they are being led slowly by a short rope, to be honest. 🤨
lab rat
lab rat Prieš 15 val
Just say ur racist
SyncJay Prieš 15 val
Why does she have 2 different eyes blue and brown...
Bobby Jackson-smith
Bobby Jackson-smith Prieš 16 val
Swear seeing this just makes me hate my own skin
Ryan Diaz
Ryan Diaz Prieš 16 val
Her name do MISS KAREN come on
Pablo Holguin
Pablo Holguin Prieš 16 val
Fyi black pepol did not get it that hard the arican American got it harder they where actully dying from spain
FaidThe Farter
FaidThe Farter Prieš 16 val
ADAM gave his teacher an apple, where was eve?
saytun hassan
saytun hassan Prieš 16 val
Leinith Moreno
Leinith Moreno Prieš 16 val
What are drugs?
jyothi vungarala
jyothi vungarala Prieš 16 val
Her name is Karen
I really like that u made a new karen trend
Carly Coleman
Carly Coleman Prieš 16 val
This is a racist video cuz why did the black boy get accused instead the white boy
Beckett Manieri
Beckett Manieri Prieš 16 val
mike n ikes
ponk blox
ponk blox Prieš 17 val
dino pills
MrJackTran Gaming
MrJackTran Gaming Prieš 17 val
“I should of asked” What would of he said if he was “Oh yeah teacher I been doing drugs” like what?
S E Prieš 17 val
i like two watch eyden and dhar man so much💖
Someone You don’t know
Someone You don’t know Prieš 17 val
It’s Adam’s apple
Xander White
Xander White Prieš 17 val
Cindy Morrison
Cindy Morrison Prieš 18 val
In all of their videos it's a karen
Sean Johndrow
Sean Johndrow Prieš 18 val
People think my friend does drugs because he is Hispanic and other people think I am a do drugs because I am asian even though we are very young. Some person accused me doing drugs because I had pills but I tried to tell him it was my medicine for my ADHD. I got in trouble with one of my teachers and they look at it and my bag saying these are not drugs, these are medicine. I told him I have ADHD, Schizophrenia, PTSD, and insomnia. So it is possible to have more mental disorders or illnesses.
Claudia Cartwright
Claudia Cartwright Prieš 18 val
Dun that
toxic' Prieš 18 val
Cool and all but how dumb u gotta be to say hey kid u doing drugs likes tf u know dam well every kid that hears that will say no like bro tf
Yinthe frietsaus
Yinthe frietsaus Prieš 18 val
nobody: me: wHaT ArE thOsE piLLs??
sunset _sunshine games
sunset _sunshine games Prieš 18 val
Mrs. Karen:There are all of other facts too Me:like what other facts 👁👄👁
John Tran
John Tran Prieš 18 val
When they realize their just sponges that look like drugs when you put them in water they become dinosaurs
mAiAThEwEirDo mAiAThEwEirDo
mAiAThEwEirDo mAiAThEwEirDo Prieš 19 val
That’s so cool that she has different coloured eyes!!!
Jonas Nielsen
Jonas Nielsen Prieš 19 val
Worst actor ever go to the teacher
Dia The Bum
Dia The Bum Prieš 19 val
I watched this for the 2828383th time :D
•XxKiraxX• Prieš 19 val
Kinda racist
dimowsky Prieš 19 val
Can we all appreciate tha- wait there is an ad,sorry
Brandon Tovar
Brandon Tovar Prieš 19 val
Never have a racist teacher
Hend Massoud
Hend Massoud Prieš 19 val
It is "A F" not "An F"
Pou Thomas
Pou Thomas Prieš 19 val
Not gonna lie I took a good look at the kid with the green shirt and thought “SUS” and than he didn’t turn in his homework, He immediately looked sus
makhtoom anifowose
makhtoom anifowose Prieš 19 val
tf who dislikes
Hudson Ruetz
Hudson Ruetz Prieš 19 val
I think Adam did it
bad borderlands
bad borderlands Prieš 20 val
The teacher is such a Karen
Truce_Gaming Prieš 20 val
Favoritism sucks when applied to the school system
pineapple potato
pineapple potato Prieš 21 val
i bet you didn’t notice that the teacher has different colored eyes
Truce_Gaming Prieš 20 val
Thats a condition called heterochromia, where your eyes are colored differently. It looks cool.
TheBunnyWithWings Prieš 21 val
it's kind of ironic her name is karen
Casey Amara
Casey Amara Prieš 21 val
This is why the teachers name Karen
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prieš 21 val
Yep I knew it Was Adam
· Flvffy Clxxdx ·
· Flvffy Clxxdx · Prieš 21 val
Are those- dinosaur expansion- i- Dinosaur expansion capsules-
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prieš 21 val
But not him I think it was The kid who gave the Apple to Karen his name is Aiden
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prieš 21 val
I’m at the middle of that video and I already know who does drugs
Anahi Zuniga
Anahi Zuniga Prieš 21 val
I hate how her name is Karen
Darktitis Prieš 21 val
I (insert traduction of the french word ''rire'' here) when i heard that the teacher name was karen)
Adrian Delgadillo
Adrian Delgadillo Prieš 21 val
haha karen edit: why does she have my dog's eyes
Bud Clan
Bud Clan Prieš 22 val
I love how their like hmmmmmmm who looks suspicious and then they just pan to a dude with sunglasses and a dark hoodie
marleni toledano
marleni toledano Prieš 22 val
the teacher should not be so quick to blame this video really teaches a life lesson
Lyddia Thomas
Lyddia Thomas Prieš 22 val
Waitt Adam didn't bring his homework BUT MARCUS GETS YELLED AT!? WHAT A RUDE TEACHER
Mahima Ali
Mahima Ali Prieš 22 val
Anna Hartness
Anna Hartness Prieš 22 val
On thing I hate the most is judge-mental ppl
Aisha Alharby
Aisha Alharby Prieš 23 val
CCAC Tournament Game 9: Roosevelt vs. Indiana South Bend
University of St. Francis Fighting Saints Athletics
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