The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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The Church of Flarisu
The Church of Flarisu Prieš 8 minučių
boy he's going to look real stupid when people in 2023 look back at this video. More so than usual.
Mike Landry
Mike Landry Prieš val
This dude is so liberal, he's become self aware of his ridiculous takes.
First Name
First Name Prieš 2 val
Sadly the majority of this video is jokes and not knowledge. The debt is one thing, inflation is another. There were riots in Greece because once they couldn't get any foreign investment and they instead had to tax the hell out of their own citizens in order to get money. Stop listening to actors. They literally get payed to say things that other people write, the fact that you sheep buy into people like this is crazy.
Jesus Impersonator
Jesus Impersonator Prieš 2 val
14:40 dog just looks happy to be there
Mordicus 420
Mordicus 420 Prieš 2 val
No Republicans can seriously talk about debt deficit after the tax cut
Jason Pandolfi
Jason Pandolfi Prieš 3 val
Who is the world in debt too?
SpeedingOffence Prieš 3 val
Way to pick the one economist that doesn't know why interest rates are so low. When the economy picks back up, that interest rate will skyrocket, the deficit will go with it, and we won't have pandemic induced deflation to print money against.
T N Prieš 3 val
How does LWT find such incredible child actors??
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones Prieš 3 val
The fucking hypocrisy of the republicans using the idea that we are destroying our children's future by not eliminating the national debt while they completely ignore climate change which is ACTUALLY DOING THAT. Fucking monsters.
Ryan E
Ryan E Prieš 3 val
ok so borrowing money is fine... I understand that, but when you "print" 30% of all US Fiat that has ever been made in 1 year than you might have a problem...
Yanick Desforges
Yanick Desforges Prieš 4 val
What we need to keep in mind is that money ISN'T REAL. I know, its probably came out as a very radical idea, but we invented money. It's a pretty good tool, but if I have to choose between people life and the monetary system, I say that the choice is easy. The real problem is that fuckers who have money right now will NEVER accept that we reset the clock. Even if we face inevitable destruction, they think that the reconnaissance of their "really hard work" worth more than the welfare of their fellow human.
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth Prieš 3 val
Easy for you to say when it isn't your money. But if I could borrow a few hundred bucks, I promise I'll pay you back.
Jacob Gunter
Jacob Gunter Prieš 5 val
I’ve got a probably stupid question. If China is one of the largest buyers of debt in the world, could all of the countries that borrowed money/is indebted to China just all agree that they don’t have to pay them back?
Inderjit Singh
Inderjit Singh Prieš 5 val
debt to build the country is good. debt to give tax cuts to the rich is not good. fk the cons
Coconut Prieš 5 val
If I ever come close to hating someone, just know that Ted Cruz is at the top of my list.
MrG0TH1ER Prieš 5 val
Lets save money and reduce the military budget. Oh no republicans want to do that? How strange.
ryan withyman
ryan withyman Prieš 6 val
Wow just wow - this is such a shit video - John your not only wrong your dangerous and spouting MMT. Do yourselfs a favor and ignore this video and watch Ray Dalio explanation of how the monetary system works. Tax cuts for the rich have nothing to do with taking on tons of debt - and the debt we have taken on has supported the fortune 500 and 1% not the tax payers. I can't believe this was allowed to air. Stop asking economist and start asking historians: they'll tell you exactly what happens when societies take on to much debt and collapse.
ryan withyman
ryan withyman Prieš 4 val
@Spitfire I never said don't raise taxes. Yes do it, but it only works to a point - fiscal responsibility is the corner stone of sound economics and cost benefit analysis is what grounds it. I agree in investing in national childcare programs that save long term prison and judicial cost, invest in hospitals, invest in NASA where you get return on patents, paid sick leave, paid maternity, and universal healthcare. But that's not what this video is about. This video is peak delusion of MMT on steroids. Raising taxes and investing in social safety nets that lower long term cost is prudent economics and reduces the debt which key. Again where does he say that I'm this video? And further: debts are both assets and liabilities and when they become liabilities that can't be paid were all fucked! If you have a ton of money you owe and pay low interest on it and the rate goes up and now that debt is worth alot more in interest and way more than tax roll them your fucked. I would have thought your country would be familiar with this concept having dealt with a subprime mortgage crises. Oh wait wait I forgot the billionaires were bailed out and nothing was allowed to collapse - and this guy is arguing more should have been spent what a yuts! Lastly: and I'm going to bold this AN ECONOMY THAT CLAIMS TO HAVE A BULL MARKET DOES NEED QE AND LOW INTEREST RATES. John Oliver saying the economist were wrong is blatant lie - they know full well what's going on.
Spitfire Prieš 5 val
Another way to think of this, since you seem to need help, is home equity. When you purchase a good, inflation drives it's value up. So this actually gives incentive to spending as much as you can at any given moment on permanent assets. Infrastructure and investment into your population is such an investment.
Spitfire Prieš 5 val
Eh, you really think that's the case? Okay, think of this, lets say that the workers are the ones that continue to hold the burden for tax, and corporations evade it and financial services drive inflation through interest on that same working class. Their growth is slower, so the money doesn't go as far. This increases the value of physical assets (which those large corporations are investing in, and dumping money into imaginary systems to also drive growth through the volume of funds dumped into a system instead of merit) and decreasing the purchasing power of it's citizens. Next, read your ending statement again. You outright stated that the top 1% benefits from the debt more than the rest, which could be recouped by... fucking taxes. Fucking wow man, not sure how you think you understand anything.
Yusuf Amar
Yusuf Amar Prieš 6 val
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linda nike
linda nike Prieš 6 val
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linda nike
linda nike Prieš 6 val
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linda nike
linda nike Prieš 6 val
She's the plug 👆
linda nike
linda nike Prieš 6 val
+(44, 7 8, 6 8, 7 1, 0 1 ,5 1)🇬🇧
dave smith
dave smith Prieš 6 val
Can I start with $3000
TheJerbol Prieš 6 val
"...your great-grandchildren" shows a graveyard lmfao
Astrobucks2 Prieš 6 val
Propaganda for MMT. Wow.
Ken Sheck
Ken Sheck Prieš 7 val
I love John Oliver, but he just muddies the waters here. And with this video approaching 17k comments, I won't try to refute any of the info presented in it in any great detail. I'll also assume no one will read this, I'll just type: any government that is the sole issuer of its currency, with the value of that currency NOT tied to some commodity or another country's currency, cannot involuntarily go broke (it can choose to default on paying its bond obligations if idiots like Ted Cruz have their way). Check out Japan. Last I looked, its debt to GDP ratio was well over 200%. Yet interest rates are at 0% and inflation is practically non-existent. Why? I'm begging you - read "The Deficit Myth" by Stephanie Kelton. She does a terrific job of explaining what is called Modern Monetary Theory (which is a theory in the same way the theories of gravity and evolution are "theories"). If you read it, I promise you, you'll be glad, because you'll be able to stop worrying about our national "debt."
Kajetan Prieš 7 val
The only problem is: the government doesn't invest. It spends. Maybe 10% of the infrastructure bill will go to actual infrastructure. And infrastructure only boost the economy in the long run if it improves productivity. Actually, it weakens the economy in the short term since you have to invest now for something that will pay dividends years and years down the road. The debt is not crushing us only because the Fed (which effectively is beholden of the government) is keeping interest rates at zero which is causing huge amounts of inflation. US bonds are safe?! Right, this is MSM... they don't know... MSM has not the slightest bit of understanding about economics. ohhh and 28 trillion? That's only the budget debt. Including medicare and social security it's actually about 200 trillion dollars. So basically... if you are below your 50s, assume your social security is gone and that you will never receive it. That will protect you from being blindsided and unprepared when it becomes apparent to the general population.
Grady Hall
Grady Hall Prieš 7 val
Captain Argonut 24
Captain Argonut 24 Prieš 7 val
Canada anyone?
greatsayain Prieš 7 val
How can you not know what causes the interest rate to be what it is. It either calculated by a formula or set by a person. It's not a natural phenomenon being measured like wind speed or temperature and it just is what it says on the gage. It's a made up thing which means there is a person responsible for it which means there is a knowable reason.
Aella Lee
Aella Lee Prieš 8 val
So...I'm into historical dressing. And I'm just graduating this year (fingers crossed) to be an archaeologist, someone who digs big holes in the ground... I'm just there to take the bodies and old refuse that I've legally been approved for! I swear!
Kit Fross
Kit Fross Prieš 8 val
Hahaha the ending is excellent!
One Two
One Two Prieš 8 val
16:58 Interest rates keep falling, because central banks do not have to raise them due to inflation. Central banks do not have to raise rates due to inflaton due to how we define inflation. The cost of gasoline, milk or bread did not go up all that much, because the money injected into the worlds economy went into raising stock prices and made rich people richer. A person with 100 million dollars is not going to spend more on bread at local supermarket than a person with $1,000 in their bank account. Hence the prices for the basket of products that define inflation did not increase. What did happen is the interest rates paid by government bonds and banks went down, costing the pension funds allot of money. In this environment the rich risk takers (stock owners) benefit; everyone else looses.
CrunchyAss Prieš 8 val
I can't get over how tight John's collar is. That does not look comfortable.
Nimbus Prieš 8 val
A fix for that shitty poem Borrow borrow borrow Enjoy today For you won't tomorrow It's not great, but at least it makes a little sense
Richard Gauthier
Richard Gauthier Prieš 9 val
I get the analogy of borrowing at 2% interest to make 5% returns. The problem comes when you spend that 5% return on a PlayStation 5 and put none of it back on the debt.
Cynthia n/a
Cynthia n/a Prieš 10 val
America is too busy having riots about racial injustices, to riot about financial crises.
Rau Ricalde
Rau Ricalde Prieš 10 val
I knew economy was a joke,
Julia Lerner
Julia Lerner Prieš 11 val
My concern is not with the "national debt" which was never designed to be repaid at all, but the ever-growing trade imbalance. Container ships arrive full and leave empty. There's a bill coming due for sure. But why no mention of MMT or Monetary Sovereignty?
L T Prieš 11 val
The National Debt has always been the Republican's battle cry. Unfortunately, it ballooned under the Republican presidents. Plus the needed social programs ended up getting cut. Interesting bro note, the recent two recessions, started around 89-90 (the Great Recession), and 2006-7 caused by Reagan/George senior, and George junior, respectively.
Tidbit Prieš 11 val
The only problem with the debt is that it is a channel through which money flows into the hands of the wealthy; thus increasing the wealth gap and wealth inequality. It should never have been started in the first place, the rich should pay their fair share in taxes and that would cover the deficit. Also, the government should use surpluses to create a sovereign wealth fund, therefore becoming like a rich person and earning dividends; this also gives the government a set of assets to borrow against in the event of a sudden catastrophe that requires immediate spending.
Griffin Garrison
Griffin Garrison Prieš 11 val
I heard somewhere that Ted Cruz pees his pants because he likes the warm feeling of it running down his leg
Shannon Love
Shannon Love Prieš 11 val
EDIT (18:20) to lower comment
Shannon Love
Shannon Love Prieš 11 val
John, the govt. does not create money...(22:15) what an idiot... the Fed prints it from NOTHING
Spitfire Prieš 5 val
... you should read your statement again. Then look up the word create... and the word print.
Shannon Love
Shannon Love Prieš 11 val
the interest rates were kept low because the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. kept them low...duh!!!
AnnoyingMoose Prieš 11 val
For comparison purposes the U.S. debt per capita is about $84,500 while Canada's national debt of $2.4 trillion works out to about $64,500 per capita but when factoring in the difference in our dollars that is only $51,000 USD so the average American is in debt 1.65 times more than the average Canadian.
Libelldrian Prieš 12 val
Funny, how he left out that the government decides what the interest rates are through the Fed's. Poorly made libtard propaganda video.
Spitfire Prieš 5 val
You didn't any part of that right. Cite it. I'll wait.
RNApol Prieš 12 val
There's John Oliver shitting all over America again. I wonder if he'll last longer than Piers did on CNN.
John Smith
John Smith Prieš 11 val
Well he's an American now, unlike Piers.
TheGrandImperialist Prieš 12 val
I'm disappointed it was never explicitly mentioned how the Federal Government finances itself in significant part by the Federal Reserve buying up its debt. This is something which people don't realize but they really should.
Vivian Wible
Vivian Wible Prieš 13 val
How the hell am I supposed to know what's going on. Which politician is to be trusted, and which one is only out for themselves and their party. How am I to know what I read is to be trusted, or not. It is worrisome
James Prieš 14 val
Great video, but please dust your desk before shooting these. That little speck of dust drove me crazy because I thought it was on my screen!
Cyber Net
Cyber Net Prieš 15 val
Republicans: It's OK when we do it
Tia Aprile
Tia Aprile Prieš 15 val
tax the rich
Silver Prieš 15 val
Does anyone else feel like money is a human construct that could easily be changed or replaced if not for greed.
angelo senlob
angelo senlob Prieš 15 val
snipewa4 Prieš 15 val
I absolutely hate modern tv shows/sitcoms that have a laugh track. That said, this show without an audience/or supplemental laugh track does not deliver in the same way. Something eerie and cold about the Covid version of the show...but hey that’s just my two cents. Great content as always and here’s to hoping it goes back to what it once was soon.
Ben W
Ben W Prieš 16 val
This commentary is the biggest load of horseshit that exists. The problem with the debt is the servicing of the debt. Servicing of the debt currently requires $300 billion a year, due to the artificially low interest rates. If these rates were normalized within a few years it would exceed the cost of social security. Pretty quickly 1/3 the national budget would be debt servicing, the largest single item on the national budget and we would be in deep shit. So instead, we are dependent on 0% interest rates to not destroy the country. This expands the money supply, makes financing cheaper and allows you to go further in debt with less consequence, or so you think. Pretty quickly, as is happening in Texas, the higher supply of cheap credit results in hot markets, housing where I live has nearly doubled in price in 5 years. Costs for fuel, food and basic necessities are going up. The excess supply of cash causes inflation (as the value of a dollar is basically a relationship between what there is to buy and how much money you have) and this destroys wages and savings. Pretty soon, only those who invested in stocks and other physical assets have anything worth keeping as those big businesses get propped up by your tax dollars. While you and I are left holding a big bag of this assholes bullshit.
KennyRuns _
KennyRuns _ Prieš 16 val
'... Time to apply for that Interstellar national debt. I know it was a long long time ago, that's what they Say... The STARS STILL WAR!!! ...' -Gribble, D-3rs
vINDIGOWARRIORv Prieš 16 val
Simply a cabal of ppl called the "bis" sets these rates they are manipulating the world toward their vision of perfection essentially
Dirty Pagan
Dirty Pagan Prieš 17 val
If republicans are so anxious to pay off the debt, maybe they should, you know ,collect the taxes from the rich...
Mike Broughton
Mike Broughton Prieš 17 val
Gotta love how the debt clock has an added section to shame families for a debt they have no control over
Hainero2001 Prieš 17 val
Everything about this is bullshit.
sam Prieš 17 val
I liked the TI-89 helps with high level equations and simulations.
A P Prieš 18 val
Economic moron wrote this segment.
Keith Karnage
Keith Karnage Prieš 18 val
When you need one, you'll have two!
The Angry Finger
The Angry Finger Prieš 18 val
Oh Sarah Palin I forgot about you. Let's keep that trend going okay?
Don Robertson
Don Robertson Prieš 18 val
Running a deficit? Tax cuts! Running a surplus? Tax cuts!
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Prieš 19 val
someone tell me where i can adopt this man. lol
Shepard Prieš 19 val
Poor dog
Shepard Prieš 19 val
...ummm remember Greece?
rebelyell1983x Prieš 19 val
Oliver misses some points here: 1) Interest on the debt that is ever increasing will become a bigger and bigger expenditure for the gov. Let's say the interest rate goes from 1% to 2%....well you just doubled your interest payments! Interest payments will become a bigger expenditure than medicare/military/social programs etc. That's is what is concerning. Meanwhile the debt and the interest you have to pay on the debt is EVER growing. 2) Sure those kids are happy with investments that worked for them....but what if they want to make different decisions for their country when they come of age? Maybe they don't want that highway? or want something different? Do they then in turn saddled their kids with debt?
Catfactory Prieš 14 val
The cost of servicing the debt grows, but so does the economy. The rate of GDP growth is higher than the interest rates on a lot of government debt, especially the debt from bonds sold in the past ten years. As a result, the so-called 'snowball' of public debt is more likely to melt than balloon. If kids grow up and want to change the country then that's their democratic prerogative.
Shepard Prieš 19 val
Ya but , just print some more money...wait, and hit the reset button.
mena88 Prieš 19 val
I guess we should ignore the correlation between the dramatic increase in monetary inflation (which is debt) since the gold standard was dropped and the increasing disparity between the rich and poor, exploding tuition costs, unaffordable housing prices and yes the impact this will and is having on future generations.
D Bone
D Bone Prieš 19 val
R.I.P John Oliver, who died a week before this episode was published to LTtown.
e mills
e mills Prieš 19 val
Get out of the dollar. Get into cryptocurrency before it's too late. Oliver is just pushing state sponsored propaganda.
Joshua Marshall
Joshua Marshall Prieš 19 val
John you're letting political views stand in the way of actual facts. Your dollar is loosing value against major currencies, coupled with your interest rates about to be reevaluated this month, your debt window to be reached by July. Also your inflation just doubled over the course of a month. I'm a liberal ball bag but the facts are here Trump and Biden spending will cripple the American economy. I'm Canadian and up here we see it and are either buying property or gold to maximize our capital personally because the American economy is looking like Schroeders Cat however one outcome has higher probability than the other. So stop with the political nonsense and actually do research on the economy instead of cherrypicked information to keep your viewers comfortable.
Barry William Teske
Barry William Teske Prieš 19 val
John Oliver has huge hands.
WalyB01 Prieš 20 val
Tax the rich, feed the poor, thill there into no rich no more.
Karim Kerachni
Karim Kerachni Prieš 20 val
For the first time ever, I disagree with you my dear John Oliver - nice piece, wrong conclusion
spook Prieš 22 val
We know everything exactly how it works yet with each financial crisis we are left with our mouths and eyes wide open.
Elle Russell
Elle Russell Prieš 22 val
For me, the worst part of this whole thing was the poor dog at the riots.
Brazylilionare Woods brazyl
Brazylilionare Woods brazyl Prieš 22 val
Love it, love everything about it, the ending was spectacular, you nailed it once again John, great job 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Axis Galaxis
Axis Galaxis Prieš 22 val
So who got d money cuz we sure didn’t get it?
Stefan Zzz
Stefan Zzz Prieš 22 val
John, the issue of debt will come to roost when inflation pays you a visit. High debt with low interest is fine and dandy... but...
uberx24 Prieš 22 val
As someone who plays city skylines: building an industrial zone (factory in this analogy) off of a loan is the best investment to pay off the negative money you've accumulated from city growth.
Albert Camus
Albert Camus Prieš 22 val
hmmm u should run analytics on the rario of likes/dislikes,,,could actually be some contingent indicator or something
Albert Camus
Albert Camus Prieš 22 val
hahaha i love how just be starting any given video by looking at the dislikes i can somewhat guage the degree of "idiocracy" out there haha...sooo this one had 8.7 thousand morons?? WOWW
mgwilt Prieš 23 val
The way debt works in the macroeconomy is not the same as how it works for, say, a mortgage. That seems to be the case, anyway.
David Acero
David Acero Prieš 23 val
I really hope the 5 million people who watched this now understand the debt better,
troglodyte01 Prieš 23 val
21:05 Notice the dates on the urn?
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera Prieš dieną
People think that lower tax rates are a good thing...they don't actually get how tax rates apply to income bracket and personal vs. business tax. The USA doesn't seem to get how tax works haha.
frozenboot68 Prieš dieną
14:40 that poor dog.
frozenboot68 Prieš dieną
Stupid right wingers don’t get it.
frozenboot68 Prieš dieną
I remember Reagan as one of the worst US Presidents ever. And there is a library named after him? He who never read books? And an airport? He who caused utter chaos in the skies by single handed lay trying to dismantle the air traffic controllers? Pulease. Stop re-writing history, Americans.
BruceNJeffAreMyFlies Prieš dieną
So china owns 1.1 tril of americas debt, america owns over 2 tril of chinas debt, but they have kids swearing allegiance to the Chinese over debt... American republicans are fucking insane.
Moza G Smith
Moza G Smith Prieš dieną
I have a favourite kind of calculator... but that isn't because I'm good at maths, it's just cuz I grew up in a school where it was cool to be smart and pitiful to be and idiot... Not that idiots got bullied, no it was already assumed that their parents were doing that for them. . . I liked the calculator that looked all smooth and was easy to use and read.
dollores Prieš dieną
God damn I hate Bush Jr. He's the reason we can't bankrupt our student loans
Sauharda Rawat
Sauharda Rawat Prieš dieną
We need to have serious discussion on this flaky financial system. Don't you think, a system where if you put an input, your output would DEFINITELY be lower, (by 2-10%) is broken. Why have we all adopted such a lousy system. Lower interest rates would lead to more inflation in coming years. It's a trap!
Lex Blazer
Lex Blazer Prieš dieną
Yikes. Disastrous John Oliver piece - maybe the worst I've ever seen from him in 5 years - there's only one part he got right....HE (and his writers) truly do not understand how inflation, interest rates, debt or any of it work. Apparently, as long as it fits the current MSM narrative, we should spend without worrying about any of those.
aquavita1 Prieš dieną
Debt is not bad by nature, but it makes the borrower more vulnerable. When running a lot of debt, the borrower will rely on additional debt to close the yearly deficit. The actual tipping point accurs when lenders lose confidence in the borrower's ability to repay and stop lending. That is why noone knows when the tipping point will come, as it relies heavily on reputation. I don't see USA losing public trust any time soon, but it is not a safe route to take.
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Prieš dieną
What we really need is a separation of State and Money. When the state prints money, however noble the cause, it is diluting the savings of its citizens and redistributing that purchasing power to bureaucrats who then decides how that new money is spent. This puts the bureaucrats in a highly corruptible position. Those closest to the new money (govt contractors, wallstreet etc) benefit from the Cantillon effect - taking advantage of low prices before prices can adjust to the inflation. The new money usually flows into assets - stocks, real estate etc - as unallocated money always finds its way into high return investments, thus causing asset bubbles. The rich who own assets get richer while the poor, who now have diluted dollars have to work harder to afford the same standard of living as before the inflation. The poor then demand entitlements, which leads to more money printing and more inflation, which just exacerbates the problem. Over decades, the middle class disappears and society bifurcates into rich (asset holders) and poor (cash holders). Then revolutions occur.
Nick Flaumitsch
Nick Flaumitsch Prieš dieną
Stephanie Kelton's - "The Deficit Myth" if you want an economist who can explain this shit.
Mikihisa Karibe
Mikihisa Karibe Prieš dieną
Not to be racist, but I like this show
Matt Prieš dieną
The moment interet rates increase, the debt will become an issue. Spend money on infrastructure in bad times, save money in good times. But don't spend money you don't have all the time
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky Prieš dieną
We have a democrat as president which means it's time for republicans to start pretending they care about the national debt again. Even though historically the deficit skyrockets every time they're in office
Cody Eason
Cody Eason Prieš dieną
You should replace Trump's hands with chicken feet. His hands looked like gross chicken feet.
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