Everyone Uses Chrome. But Why?

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Why is Google Chrome so popular?
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The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad
The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad Prieš 32 minutes
I use the chromium edge because it's more secure because it's less popular.
Cyber Nomad
Cyber Nomad Prieš 38 minučių
I use edge.
Avi Katscratch
Avi Katscratch Prieš 49 minučių
It's funny how chrome has been running for years and Google never added support for Chrome web store on Android version, Firefox, Yandex and opera has ACTUAL support for web extensions on mobile versions.
Droggone Prieš val
I got a Venom 2 trailer before this video and now I am just in a good mood. (Venom is my all time favorite movie. The one with the symbiote, not the snakes.)
Charlie Clapp
Charlie Clapp Prieš val
And its default Google search engine is just good and non-abusable
Michael Klamm
Michael Klamm Prieš val
Im using edge
Fluffinator Prieš val
Brave gang where yall at?
GameruEu Prieš val
Saying hello to Opera gx!
The Scottish train Fan
The Scottish train Fan Prieš 2 val
I dont
old account
old account Prieš 2 val
People dont want to use internet explorer Right now chrome eats a fuq ton of ram
JoHnnY-B TradeMark Gaming
JoHnnY-B TradeMark Gaming Prieš 3 val
i never use chrome.. every software that offers chrome inside i decline, the browser is garbage and the layout of it is primitive! firefox rules
NULUSIOS Prieš 3 val
0:33 does he say "origgins"?
Because Edge is temporary Chrome is eternal
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Prieš 4 val
Akkhilesh Dhumal
Akkhilesh Dhumal Prieš 4 val
Chrome is the best it doesn't lag or crashes (on my pc)
Shakuntala Dhumal
Shakuntala Dhumal Prieš 4 val
BannedForToxicity Prieš 5 val
Me and my homies only use brave
Loïck Dirøll - Unkorneglosk
Loïck Dirøll - Unkorneglosk Prieš 5 val
Another Firefox user here ! Firefox is still the best one in many ways. You forgot to mention how Google put pressure on users to force them to switch to chrome. They have done it many times in different ways. I have used Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and Pale Moon and switched back to firefox: speed and stability are with the fox. And brave is trash btw.
Nubbdz Prieš 5 val
The internet: Are you two friends? Bing: Yes Chrome: No
Milind Chanekar
Milind Chanekar Prieš 6 val
where my edge homies?
joe bidden
joe bidden Prieš 7 val
Just saying hello to my Brave friends!
Andreii Prieš 7 val
opera gx gang wya
Moe Dali
Moe Dali Prieš 6 val
opera GX is fucking sick
Mystic Craft LP
Mystic Craft LP Prieš 7 val
Where is the Vivaldi army?
The_D0C70R Prieš 9 val
Firefox gang, but Tor for anything questionable.
Aron Knifström
Aron Knifström Prieš 10 val
Firefox +1 have used it from before 1.0 on Windows 95, when early versions was with magazines.
Sai Balaji
Sai Balaji Prieš 10 val
Is it safe to install Chrome in Mac?
Bhawesh Kumar Nayak
Bhawesh Kumar Nayak Prieš 10 val
brave is worst
SslenderyY Prieš 11 val
I use opera gx browser. It's better than chrome, ad-blocker, vpn, gaming looks
Mikecraft1224 Prieš 11 val
I don't like chrome. It really tortures my CPU and I can't run it with Minecraft and discord simultaneously.
Elvinkind Prieš 12 val
Been using Firefox since it replaced Netscape. I don't care what the hipsters say lol. Chrome runs to slow for me
Lowell Martin
Lowell Martin Prieš 12 val
Never was a fan of Chrome. When it first came out a friend who played a game. Well Chrome killed it. Uninstalled it and made explorer the default and Ta Da her game started working again. As far as I'm concerned google can go suck manure directly from the source.
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar Prieš 12 val
I did switch to FireFox once....but the UI of Chrome feels wayyyyy smoother then that of FireFox. RAM was indeed an issue, hence I now use Brave. Brave is made upon Chromium, so it has Almost all of chrome features..... and it is not that much of memory hog. :D
Belyasssh Prieš 12 val
Looks like not a lot of people here know Yandex browser. Which is good for you, actually...
Art3mis Prieš 13 val
Idk, i been using the built-in edge for months now, and i like it
Stefano L
Stefano L Prieš 13 val
Its alonnnnnngggg time I used google chrome or google browser not a hater I just don't like them.
Politically Aware Muslim
Politically Aware Muslim Prieš 13 val
Here I'm who use every browser there is
MAXEL Prieš 14 val
Im using Safari because uses less ram, but im hating it, before that i used Opera, but it has becomes a mess, enabling features automatically after you disable them because they want you to use it, you disable again and days later is enable again... and on top of this, is crashing a lot in recent versions.
Navaneeth C M
Navaneeth C M Prieš 14 val
I'm using edge and brave sometimes
Catoflado Prieš 15 val
I use Brave. A browser that is good for privacy, and also has all the chrome extenstions
Gamer GaminG
Gamer GaminG Prieš 15 val
I use Edge
Nelson Chen
Nelson Chen Prieš 15 val
From a developer perspective. Chrome has made debugging so much easier and has since become the browser of choice when working on projects. So naturally more and more sites are becoming more stable in Chrome than in other browsers
Divyam Prieš 18 val
I use firefox
Yael Prieš 18 val
People who say “I don’t use chrome because it tracks me” are either ignorant, or contradictory
ZenufYT Prieš 19 val
I use opera GX, it uses 12mb/s instead of 345kb/s and it has Ram and Cpu limiter which i love
Moe Dali
Moe Dali Prieš 6 val
opera GX is fucking sick
Vlad Avram
Vlad Avram Prieš 19 val
I'll be honest, I might be one of the few oddjobs out there using edge. But really, it just works better than firefox imo. And yes I'm kinda avoiding chrome just because. I don't know, some more keenly eyed experts might tell me that chrome is great/terrible, to me it's just another browser but right now, edge seems to be faster on my pc. And I use brave on my phone for the same reason . Sure, privacy is important but at this point... Facebook could clone me from the ground up so little do I care if google can too.
Guillermo El Nino
Guillermo El Nino Prieš 20 val
easy. people are sheep
marc barran
marc barran Prieš 21 val
imo i'd say the main reason chrome got to were it is today was it's viral strategy ... god on how many machines did i find it installed after user installed an antivirus update or whatever ... borderline legal (pretty much the same technique virus you get by mails use to spread ...)
Jessie Alminar
Jessie Alminar Prieš 21 val
me who uses *microsoft edge* cuz I'm not picky.
palladin9479 Prieš 22 val
I use Vivaldi and Firefox and absolutely love both for the same reason, vertical tab stacking. Firefox has better support with Tree Style Tab but Vivaldi's window groups / tab stacks works well enough.
Michelle1574 Prieš 22 val
I'm not using Chrome, you idiot! I'm using Firefox Beta.
Creator_Playz Prieš 23 val
Me who uses Firefox: well yes, but actually no
cismari kikilashvili
cismari kikilashvili Prieš 23 val
i was using firefox but it was little bit laggy even with more than 60 fps, i switch to chrome and its smooth
lain Prieš 23 val
3:06 >using FLoC as an example of working towards internet privacy To the trash it goes!
Ericke Gallardo
Ericke Gallardo Prieš dieną
I'd love to see a real Doge browser
Bulut Soyal
Bulut Soyal Prieš dieną
So, I use Brave.
Akia Prieš dieną
Just wanna say hi from the world of opera gx
Austin Bauer
Austin Bauer Prieš dieną
I member when chrome came out
Lobo Hog
Lobo Hog Prieš dieną
I recently just switched off chrome for firefox and I somewhat “hardened” it. My targeted ads make no freaking sense anymore, and I’m honestly okay with that.
Christoffer Aasted
Christoffer Aasted Prieš dieną
Firefox power-user for life, running ESR to avoid the always changing browsers with constant UI changes.
Super Saj
Super Saj Prieš dieną
"Everyone uses chrome" Literally Everyone in the comments : I use Firefox
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith Prieš dieną
Everybody talking about their different browsers that are better than Chrome I'm just sitting over here getting paid to use brave browser in crypto....... I mean you guys can keep using the internet that takes your data and doesn't give you anything for it...... I prefer to get stabbed in the heart instead of the back... At least brave browser has the balls to tell me they're taking my data and using it specifically and that I'm getting paid for the kickbacks
L1 Prieš dieną
I use firefox on pc and brave on android. No browser trumps brave on android.... Coz nothing trumps chromium on android.
Sierra Mike
Sierra Mike Prieš dieną
I use edge on pc, and samsung internet on my galaxy devices. Sure it's technically chrome but f*** chrome
Mr.Springtrap Prieš dieną
I mean, internet explorer worked great back in Windows XP/7 days. Its so slow these days.
Husssainshomrat Prieš dieną
The maingear turbo they are using!! Its dope
Nahush Venkateshk
Nahush Venkateshk Prieš dieną
wer brave fanboys
George's Cat
George's Cat Prieš dieną
I use Firefox, my daughter uses Chrome ... on the same computer. *I* get *my* LTtown channel, *she* gets *hers* ... works for us.
Blackfyre Prieš dieną
Ivailo Bozhilov
Ivailo Bozhilov Prieš dieną
Hmm all people from the comments use firefox, thats speak alot how smart is the lmg community ^^
Demontre Wiley
Demontre Wiley Prieš dieną
For me, Chrome got me through the ad campaign. And the customization of themes. That time the browser popped out of a video on LTtown is still one of the most impressive ads I've seen.
Uncle Picoss
Uncle Picoss Prieš dieną
Any samsung internet fan here?
fh Prieš dieną
Safari if possible and firefox if not
Ivan The Tall
Ivan The Tall Prieš dieną
I am happy with my Opera
Zookologist Prieš dieną
Chrome is literally spyware.
ユスフ Prieš dieną
I love how the comments just people says i use firefox like me 🤣
AtlasFox Prieš dieną
Lelouch Vi Britannia
Lelouch Vi Britannia Prieš dieną
I recently switched to firefox
David Meme
David Meme Prieš dieną
I use firefox lol
Sm!lemusic Prieš dieną
Any safari users? No? Just me? Ok…
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Prieš dieną
me who uses Tor for almost everything: ummmm :|
Iza lith
Iza lith Prieš dieną
I use brave UwU
Wanga Manda
Wanga Manda Prieš dieną
I use Opera
Discord Hobo
Discord Hobo Prieš dieną
I purely use Brave browser for the ability to say No thanks to ads, Cookies and trackers. Saves time browsing
eric kanter
eric kanter Prieš dieną
I like Brave and Firefox. Chrome sucks.
Ved Aryan
Ved Aryan Prieš dieną
Google breaks standards all the time. They make their web apps etc. break on other browsers by intention.
Timmzy27 Prieš dieną
I use Chrome
Noah de la Rosa
Noah de la Rosa Prieš dieną
I use edge since I realised chrome eats all my ram.
Noah de la Rosa
Noah de la Rosa Prieš dieną
I use edge since I realised chrome eats all my ram.
joe contreras
joe contreras Prieš dieną
lost wp on firefox & yahoo so i stop trying to loog back in now main focus are hotmail & gmail & + i hate any web site over run by app's pop up & spaming links as i try to search one thing,
Ferdie1027 Aka CuisCopper and Blue Gumball
Ferdie1027 Aka CuisCopper and Blue Gumball Prieš dieną
I mainly use Microsoft Edge, and I rarely use Internet Explorer, but I sometimes use Chrome
Theodore Manthovani
Theodore Manthovani Prieš dieną
Lol, i use firefox.
Gothic Snow-Leopard
Gothic Snow-Leopard Prieš dieną
Cries in OperaGX browser
Hope_Upstairs Prieš dieną
ok, ok, everyone here's using firefox; but where's the opera gang?
Nikitos 77
Nikitos 77 Prieš dieną
I'm using Chrome because it's faster than other browsers and I don't care if they get info about me. I'm not really sure what are you doing online but I would recommend you getting a Tor browser for full privacy and basically just don't use google search.
fm5m4 Prieš dieną
I see a lot of Firefox praisers. I’m gonna try it
Setyo Budi Utomo
Setyo Budi Utomo Prieš dieną
I'll use chrome instead of Firefox if they allowed me to rearrange the tools shortcut like bookmark, history and download beside the search bar. 👍
Vulpesx Prieš dieną
brave is life
TheCreativeAnimation Prieš dieną
I went from chrome to Firefox to opera, opera is so nice I stayed with it
Moe Dali
Moe Dali Prieš 6 val
opera GX is fucking sick
Callum Garner-Hatcher
Callum Garner-Hatcher Prieš dieną
Firefox for the privacy
Hack Er
Hack Er Prieš dieną
I've recently switched to Opera GX and I don't feel and difference it's just like a better chrome because it consumes less memory and you can control it.
Mohamed Shameem
Mohamed Shameem Prieš dieną
Others: Using firefox Me who's using Brave browser: I'm alone😪
Edge is... actually GOOD now!?
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