What pretending to be crazy looks like

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JCS - Criminal Psychology

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Does the demon have an attorney?
TCL - www.youtube.com/c/TRUECRIMELoser
Narrator - www.youtube.com/user/kizzume

JCS - Criminal Psychology
JCS - Criminal Psychology Prieš 2 mėnesius
Thanks for sticking around guys, it’s truly appreciated. The uploads will be more frequent from now on x
Sebastian Prieš 22 dienas
Josh Fiver
Josh Fiver Prieš 23 dienas
I have a request to do a video!! Would be a great JCS segment. Maybe a 2/3 part series like the Watts case. Check out the Murdaugh case down here in South Carolina. It’s got so many twists, waiting on them to solve the murders.
baby fernandez rubio
baby fernandez rubio Prieš mėn
This was amazing thank you for this video it was really good
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams Prieš mėn
Do you have a podcast?
Geri Snell
Geri Snell Prieš mėn
That is brilliant news. Your videos are really the best thing on LTtown.
Rusty's Crib
Rusty's Crib Prieš 10 minučių
He bites like my dog when he's playing with me..lol
Chris Henry
Chris Henry Prieš 27 minučių
I don’t believe a lot of the narrator’s explanations for the rhetoric. The dude is crazy. Crazy people can pretend to be more crazy and be illogical about it.
Francisco José Recinos Molina
Francisco José Recinos Molina Prieš 32 minutes
Please... We need another video.
Justin Buckner
Justin Buckner Prieš 34 minutes
This kids really talking to this dude like he’s his daddy… lol
AiiPurpleYou Prieš 38 minučių
Okay LTtown im watching it you can now stop recommending it tq
Haley Bennett
Haley Bennett Prieš 41 minutę
The second hand embarrassment lol
Katie Williamson
Katie Williamson Prieš 46 minučių
This makes me realise how skilled detectives are at their work. I’ve never really thought about it before.
Maddy MC
Maddy MC Prieš 59 minučių
33:24 “what else does the voice tell you to do?” “Kill BURDS” “….. how” “I wait for them -out -out in the grass” “I’m a bird lover and there AINT NO WAY A BIRD IS JUST GONNA-“
Ben Prieš val
Dog In Space
Dog In Space Prieš val
“Any time you heard the demon... just light up a blunt!” .. preach brother
whales Prieš val
is there somewhere i can watch the full investigation?
Rohan Shakeel
Rohan Shakeel Prieš val
he watched the conjuring 3 man
Gum Prieš val
So dumb didn't realise its a police place the camera is everywhere.
Isaac Contreras
Isaac Contreras Prieš 2 val
The views don’t lie guys, this is worth the watch.
LilDrummer Boi SaN
LilDrummer Boi SaN Prieš 2 val
I feel like these videos are bad for the general public cause anyone that plans on committing a crime can study all these videos
Rachel's Candle Reviews
Rachel's Candle Reviews Prieš 2 val
Nikolas Cruz should get the Jeffrey Dahmer!!!!
LionGod Prieš 2 val
people mass murder for fame. imagen if we gave people the dumbest names possible when they committed atrocities. instead of interesting names fitting for movie villains. it all comes down to the media. if killers didn't become famous, less people would kill.
  YTB Videos
YTB Videos Prieš 2 val
Coming clean is better than causing more problems for yourself!
Julian Eigmüller
Julian Eigmüller Prieš 2 val
First guy reminds me of Dostoevski’s Raskolnikov
That's Bananas
That's Bananas Prieš 2 val
Big props to Mr. Ian *withheld* for beating the shit out of this guy
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Prieš 3 val
The genuinely insane guy is so polite and honest its honestly scary.
Azure Overlord
Azure Overlord Prieš 3 val
Can't get enough of this
Miguel Moran
Miguel Moran Prieš 3 val
The voice is telling him,damn I’m done!
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor Prieš 3 val
Enjoy hell, "Nik."
ur Noze
ur Noze Prieš 3 val
Briggs Prieš 3 val
He should've got the prescription for marijuana..
pacrasycle Prieš 3 val
If your going this far to pretend you're crazy, you're crazy, just a different kind than you think. Stop
2fifty_ad Prieš 4 val
Fuck that cop people can hear thoughts that you don’t want to hear , the guys like why didn’t you become a drug addict if you didn’t want to hear voices lol
Aditya Oza
Aditya Oza Prieš 4 val
"Why don't you want me to hurt myself?" "because of what the demon said about me. I'm a nice guy."
RJ Boxxer
RJ Boxxer Prieš 4 val
There are numerous cases, many making the news, where someone who is declared mentally unfit to have the capability to have committed the crime ( no one says innocent because you’re insane) get let out in a much much much shorter time frame, this whole video is bs nonsense. Should be reported for spewing fake facts, murderers have been sent to hospitals, and after 3-4 years their docs ( usually because of budget pressures) find the murderer “ well” and he’s released. Also, the first 3 minutes shows a guy who may or may not be insane. LMAO “ watch his demeanor change in 3 seconds “. Ummm yeah dipshit. That happens with people with autism, aspergers, multiple social disorders etc… he senses or hears someone coming in and it’s his “ trigger”. Again, you are a fool and borderline criminal for putting out fake trash like this and not calling it “ entertainment “ lmao.
Anton Rayment
Anton Rayment Prieš 4 val
I honestly think that most people who claim to be mentally insane are acting. Humans can be convincing, especially when apparent professionals think they know everything and can put label on lie. Murder should be punished with death. End. Would stop all the bullshit acting.
Ever Sky
Ever Sky Prieš 4 val
These kinds of kids deserve no sympathy, and should be met with the same cold and emotionless treatment they so generously provide to their victims. They are no longer human.
SunnieDayz Prieš 4 val
Okay when Panzermensch played, I was kind of into it, but then realized I could never realistically listen to the song without thinking of this kid. Thanks for ruining it, Nik >:( Edit: Out of curiosity, I went to Spotify to look up the song, it recommended the other song Nik mentioned, and I'm thoroughly creeped out now
maddie fae
maddie fae Prieš 4 val
Lol this detective got funnier and funnier as the interrogation progressed. "Well what's the voices' problem with me?" "Every time you hear the voice just light up a blunt" "Does your demon know an attorney?" How could that kid actually think his lies were working?!
r6.l3w1scal Prieš 4 val
Not gay but i like this dudes voice
Bryce Clatsborro
Bryce Clatsborro Prieš 4 val
So when all else fails,he attempted to cut himself with a used bandaid and attempted to give himself a b.j?no more salad days,salad tossing days for you boy!
nush english
nush english Prieš 5 val
America IS very tough i guess. I would be scared to live there . You would never feel completely calm in America. You would live in a state of FEAR constantly. How can people live in America???? EVERYTHING YOU DO IS WRONG OR IS PRISON.
Zeto Kaiba
Zeto Kaiba Prieš 5 val
Crybaby alert
Loui CTM
Loui CTM Prieš 5 val
I wonder how much this guy invested in paid promotion.
Navin Datt
Navin Datt Prieš 5 val
The hard-to-find slime family harm because bow recurrently grate toward a gaudy cloakroom. quirky, squealing seeder
Daan Demeyer
Daan Demeyer Prieš 5 val
That kid could buy an AR-15, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.... Jesus christ america, try to be a developed country.
Melvin Pepperdash
Melvin Pepperdash Prieš 5 val
So this is the reason Alex Jones got kicked off facebook.
The Manifest Mage
The Manifest Mage Prieš 5 val
This is like the only channel I ring the bell for. ☝🏻🔔
pat adam
pat adam Prieš 5 val
It would be really satisfying to see that detective grab Nick's head and smash it on that table and than have a sip of his water.
slxwedcitys Prieš 5 val
austr1an.err0rmessage Prieš 6 val
lttown.info/baby/0ZNra7prmqmXgaY/vaizdo-ra-as full interaugation
•Dont know what to put for a name yet•
•Dont know what to put for a name yet• Prieš 6 val
9:59 I'm afraid I'm gonna end up like this man one day💀🔪
Lady blanche
Lady blanche Prieš 6 val
Criminals watching this: Thanks for the tips ma dude💀
Ted Clubber Lang
Ted Clubber Lang Prieš 6 val
Ian out here doin gods work
alex ramirez
alex ramirez Prieš 6 val
The fluttering scarf phongsaly worry because beautician counterintuitively melt next a tasty baboon. helpful, overrated stopsign
Alyas Prieš 6 val
This people acting as though they have mental illnesses make me sick. As someone with serious mental illnesses, the fact theyre miming it and adding to the stigmatizations of it through their attempts to cover their pathetic asses make me see red.
rednight123456 Prieš 7 val
The same on me recommended this video many times for some reason and I finally gave up and watch it. The LTtown manipulate us to watch whatever they want
DeityFree Dee
DeityFree Dee Prieš 7 val
Angels serve a genocidal baby killing god that slaughters millions of people. Demons serve the servant of god, Satan, who only killed ten people after first getting permission from god. Oh, but the demons are bad??? Ok…
Revenant777 x
Revenant777 x Prieš 7 val
No kid needs an AR-15 they should increase legal age to own any assault weapons to 25. The age that the brain becomes fully matured.
khal Om
khal Om Prieš 7 val
@JCS: Dude!!! WTF?? You made us addicted to your videos then you disappeared? We, 4 million of your subscribers, demand at least one video every week :) Great channel bro, great videos, keep them coming
Guglis Amonopol
Guglis Amonopol Prieš 7 val
10:15 - My ONLY question about this whole video is simple: why is there a can of WD 40 on the table?
Patrick Gerard
Patrick Gerard Prieš 7 val
Oh good lord, this narrator is so full of shit. He has no idea what these various people are thinking at each given moment. The amount of wild speculation he uses and inferring a particular motive/strategy shows how easily wrongful convictions happen. Also, sorry but many, many police are incompetent and don’t employ complex analytical strategies you name when they ask a person’s name and birthdate.
Jonathan Sanchez-Molina
Jonathan Sanchez-Molina Prieš 7 val
Did JCS delete a couple newer videos?
A random song
A random song Prieš 7 val
Alternative title - policeman roasts a bad actor for his bad acting skills for one hour GRAB YOUR POPCORN AND ENJOY 😆
Microwave Prieš 8 val
that detective and i have the same phone case
Cervidae Prieš 8 val
nikolas cruz: the king of cringe
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh Prieš 8 val
Fine LTtown ill see it, f**k man how many times youre gonna recommend this shit to me.
Ghost Prieš 8 val
I don't know why I'm blushing while hearing them
TheWizardOf Ozziver
TheWizardOf Ozziver Prieš 8 val
“What HAPPENED” Some tired officer: “Shut up.”
Deacon StJohn
Deacon StJohn Prieš 8 val
So it's okay to murder 17 innocent people, but smoking marijuana is out of the question 'cause it's illegal. Sure buddy, sure...
Bekah Prieš 8 val
the biggest give away for me is that he's targeting these performative acts at others rather than at himself. ive done the thing where you mime a gun to your head before but the way hes looking up and around you can clearly see he's doing it for the camera. its gross. everything about his behavior in this interview is gross.
Brandon Trice
Brandon Trice Prieš 8 val
Crazy guys from my town I have never heard about him
Hibernicus Prieš 8 val
Hope he's enjoying twerking for the blacks in prison.
Youtube Bone
Youtube Bone Prieš 2 val
Your legit not funny
Bender Brigade
Bender Brigade Prieš 8 val
Well you’re going to hell
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan Prieš 8 val
Wow. Racist and ignorant comment of the day award goes to you.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Prieš 8 val
What a clown he should’ve have just admitted he has no sympathy and do the time for the crime
That 1 guy
That 1 guy Prieš 8 val
I'd rather just go to the prison instead of being put into the Looney bin. I've been around people who are truly psychologically disturbed and it's truly frightening.
The Muse Luci
The Muse Luci Prieš 9 val
like if he legit wanted to hurt himself he could have just started banging his head on the desk, but nah he's scared of pain. can't respect a dude that can't even commit to "being insane" if he can't even actually hurt himself. also the fact that he's a pathetic murdering piece of shit. but
Toke Faurby
Toke Faurby Prieš 9 val
I can't help picturing the detective as Bill Murray..
Sandwich Master7
Sandwich Master7 Prieš 9 val
Zamzam Water
Zamzam Water Prieš 9 val
I wonder if any of the parkland students have seen this video? This misfit didn’t help himself and he’s gonna get what’s coming for him.
Kassidy Kaboom
Kassidy Kaboom Prieš 9 val
lttown.info/down/0jkt35hgxErrwdTAidebdg ♡
Matthew Kuiper
Matthew Kuiper Prieš 9 val
*PLEASE READ* If you are EVER in a situation like the 2nd victim who was asked for a ride to Walmart, and someone pulls a gun on you: Do what you can to drive near people as you "turn around" to head out, then throw your best forearm to your assailants nose area, while opening your door and diving out. You'll be near people, which does two things: a) discourages the assailant to shoot, for fear of witnesses, and b) puts you in the immediate vicinity of people who can help you if you are shot during your escape. NEVER, EVER drive off with an assailant or get into a vehicle if you can help it. Even if they've got a weapon pointed at you. Run, Bite, kick, punch, gouge, scream like a demon-possessed earthling. Because if you comply, your odds of survival are nearly ZERO. You're not going to "talk sense" to your assailant or reform then on your drive. Remember that many women are taken from parking lots each year: Target is a popular location for whatever reason. Probably because the majority of Target shoppers are female. Also remember that if you cause a big enough scene, your assailant would rather get out of there and live to see another day outside of prison, than to shoot you in a parking lot. I tell my wife this all the time, to the point that she's sick of it lol. And now I'm annoying you all with it. But PLEASE FIGHT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT
Sandwich Master7
Sandwich Master7 Prieš 9 val
13:22 PLEASE💀💀💀 did he really think that someone would believe this? I COULDN'T HELP BUT LAUGH AT THIS PART💀
SoSue Me
SoSue Me Prieš 10 val
Hi , Came over from Christina's channel . Can't wait to binge watch your videos !
n.m.e Prieš 10 val
He's not crazy he just likes killing people
faisal habeeb
faisal habeeb Prieš 10 val
Demons are like: what the fooooooouuuyk!!! We need justice!!!
Cynthia Bowers
Cynthia Bowers Prieš 10 val
The court shot says it all, his leaning away from his lawyer to make sure he's in the camera frame, clown.
Ni Ha
Ni Ha Prieš 10 val
He would’ve had to kill me in the Walmart parking lot. NEVER drive away from where you are abducted. Fight for your life if possible. Stay off your phone in the parking lot and be aware of your surroundings at all times!
Ni Ha
Ni Ha Prieš 10 val
Um. He killed his mom. That’s crazy enough. Jail is not a place for humans so don’t do things that could put you there.
Zachary Perry
Zachary Perry Prieš 10 val
HE ACTUALLY SAID THE DEMON HELPED HIM PUT TOGETHER A PLAYLIST, I CAN'T *Demon looking through playlist* "Ah man, I know some BOPS that you should put on here"
trash Prieš 2 val
Alyssa Porrax
Alyssa Porrax Prieš 10 val
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
Kevin De Viva
Kevin De Viva Prieš 10 val
Wait, he was getting 1200$ a week working at Dollar Tree?
GalvakzaMusic Prieš 8 val
It said 1200 a month, no?
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
Beast Mode MTB
Beast Mode MTB Prieš 11 val
I like the mouse clicking sound when the video pauses Is this what a psycho would say? Lol But wow this is creepy and fascinating… movies are so bull crap… but se7en was crazy crazy!!!!
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
Prince Usami
Prince Usami Prieš 11 val
Why did this come in my recommendation like more than 30 times like literally!!! Edit: ok was cool but still didn’t have to be recommended 30 times
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
omar 161
omar 161 Prieš 11 val
all started from this video
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
kingkiller_mata Prieš 11 val
Hey could you do a video on a guy by the name of gypsy crusader please
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
Kareem O'Weat
Kareem O'Weat Prieš 11 val
He’s taking about Gene Simmons.
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
Karen DM family Channel
Karen DM family Channel Prieš 11 val
I kn this couple years already but I’m still upset about losing 20 ppl life
Central clips
Central clips Prieš 10 val
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