The Future Of Reasoning

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
my twitter: tweetsauce
my instagram: electricpants
The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
Molecule animations from
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
Visual system diagram by RATZNIUM
in order of appearance
all from audionetwork unless otherwise noted
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Joshua Hodge
Joshua Hodge Prieš 6 minučių
Thank you for making this video I still have hope
DasRaetsel Prieš 7 minučių
I don’t feel an existential crisis this time. In fact, this talk is oddly comforting.
Jim King
Jim King Prieš 18 minučių
Partnership with Bill Gates? I'm truly sorry to hear this.
Terrence and The High Flyers
Terrence and The High Flyers Prieš 24 minutes
"Hey Vsauce, Michael here" ... claaaassic 👌
Apple Jack
Apple Jack Prieš 25 minučių
We'll never see the Globe spinning
KiingRichHard Prieš 34 minutes
3.14159265359÷1e-43=3.1415927e+43 √3.1415927e+43=5.6049913e+21 Youre Welcome
Hayleigh Fabrick
Hayleigh Fabrick Prieš 40 minučių
Everything was cool until you mentioned Bill Gates. Surely his ever-expanding agricultural reign isn't for taking care of our environment..
Sonar Bangla
Sonar Bangla Prieš 43 minutes
Reasoning is what brought us here, you just admitted reasoning with Chinese characteristics, is the way ahead.
Kzl Buzz
Kzl Buzz Prieš 44 minutes
This is what i think every time when i am high.
ShinpuruWaifu Prieš val
nice he's back
Juan Ignacio Caso
Juan Ignacio Caso Prieš val
Michael, you just cracked my skull open and poured a whole bag of thought fertilizer in. I'm off to do some thinking. Thanks.
Predther Prieš val
this video was actually really interesting and is one of the most captivating vsause videos i have ever watched. one of the best half hours of my life.
Spencer Adams
Spencer Adams Prieš val
proosee Prieš val
Michael, I think your reasoning is biased.
Hurricane Meridian
Hurricane Meridian Prieš 2 val
Amazing video, I especially liked the functional call to action at the end, might just sit down with friends and then debate a bit
Guinness Prieš 2 val
This explains why I'm not very good socially. I don't have confirmation bias.
TerriblyMundane Prieš 2 val
This is probably the most relevant and best Vsauce video to date.
Appi Prieš 2 val
Michael doesn’t need to be an elephant to be awesome
Juzhang666 Prieš 2 val
I miss the old day when I can understand Vsause’s videos.
Topher Evans
Topher Evans Prieš 2 val
"Small targeted discussions" ...local news has pretty much died. oof
Pizxa Prieš 2 val
He sometimes sounds like Magic Man from Adventure time.
Alejandro Iriarte
Alejandro Iriarte Prieš 3 val
waaaay out, in the water, see it swimming.
blarblablarblar Prieš 3 val
lovely video, I've been wondering about this issue for awhile now
Tommy HappensToLiftALot
Tommy HappensToLiftALot Prieš 3 val
Sauce man did a fuck ton of Shrooms & Ayahuasca during quarantine, now he’s full woke. I’m here for it.
Ape X
Ape X Prieš 3 val
My mind is the universe, aka all i can experience and know about
Diyan Boyanov
Diyan Boyanov Prieš 3 val
I liked the trick with the watch, whereby Michael did put it on and off a couple of times, however, I beg to differ on the topic of lottocracy... May I suggest that ultimately, IRL, the best form of government might have always been the good old meritocracy.
blarblablarblar Prieš 3 val
14:14 michael accurately projects the exact way I figure out someone is upset
Teclinsoro Prieš 3 val
the thumbnail makes me feel an emotion that doesn’t exist
Outlaw.253 Prieš 3 val
What if you knew
Gabriel Serban
Gabriel Serban Prieš 3 val
Great summary of Bill Gates new book.
Local Ghost
Local Ghost Prieš 4 val
This is one of the best channels in LTtown history
Psychic Mike
Psychic Mike Prieš 4 val
Kamo Magano
Kamo Magano Prieš 4 val
not me watching this at 1:30AM
Kenny Earthling
Kenny Earthling Prieš 4 val
14:41 yes I do because autism!
Painless ZM
Painless ZM Prieš 4 val
ooooouu!! Some theists i know should watch this
Sulay Prieš 4 val
As David Hume would say, we do not use reason to reach conclusions. We use emotion to guide us to our conclusions, and we bend reason to back ourselves up in hindsight.
Matthieu Simard
Matthieu Simard Prieš 4 val
< 29:45 - "Thank's for watching" - My pleasure, dude!
no no
no no Prieš 4 val
Just here for my annual existential crisis.
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
Sure. As long as those deliberation spaces have full free speech. ALL ideas are welcome. Yes even that one.
Matthieu Simard
Matthieu Simard Prieš 4 val
< 27:11 Not a big fan of randomness. Rather a fan of hoping to one day view the outside world as a garden of integrity.
P I Prieš 4 val
i want his iq
Matthieu Simard
Matthieu Simard Prieš 4 val
Dude. You make a lot of great points there. I wanna do the boring job of being accurately right. Where should I study at?
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX Prieš 4 val
post the political experiment you coward
Bram Sortwell
Bram Sortwell Prieš 4 val
Lottocracy -- the government of the random. Right, like the technocrats will really let that happen. If people like Gates are behind these ideas, they will certainly be the creators of the black boxes that purport to chose randomly but really chose the malleable or conforming. It will be the rule of the oligarchs under the guise of the rule of the common man, and much more hidden than the abuses of today's purported democracy. Also, the whole video has one presupposition tying it all together -- that humanity is just an evolved animal. Interesting in a video asking us to re-think everything, that is a bedrock idea unchallenged. Thought-provoking as always, Michael.
Carlo Rosselli
Carlo Rosselli Prieš val
Evolution is real. We know that. We know animals evolve. We know that. We know humans are animals. So why wouldn't we assume humans evolved?
Anantam Bisht
Anantam Bisht Prieš 5 val
V sauce for the world president. What you guys say?
Midas Diepstraten
Midas Diepstraten Prieš 5 val
Imagine getting sponsored by Bill Gates
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
Would probably mean I'm a shill
GeeHarveyOswald Prieš 5 val
It’s been a while Nichael
Reggy Klaasen
Reggy Klaasen Prieš 5 val
Don't know what comments do but I'm putting this here to help u sum more. Ill share it for u 2 daddy😂
Brain Suds
Brain Suds Prieš 5 val
"This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates" , well that was a nice 18 secs.
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
No it's not.
SlowFudgeBalls Prieš 5 val
Does he just ramble on or does he go backwards when writing scripts.
Rafat Hamud
Rafat Hamud Prieš 5 val
There is a great concept currently at play which would have a greater and greater impact in the upcoming future - DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization ). This video screams "DAO" in many ways.
Arquinas Prieš 5 val
This was very humbling in a sense. We like to think of ourselves as rational paragons but fail to see our own pitfalls and lack the understanding of how others came to their conclusions.
Guinness Prieš 6 val
Oh no not Bill Gates, he's got a terrible taste in mates
Piyas M
Piyas M Prieš 5 val
Hehe, very very terrible.
kostisv Prieš 6 val
@9:55 "if only people would just use logic and reason" - me: hmm, sorry i only use Live ;)
zelashi zzz
zelashi zzz Prieš 6 val
"created in partnership with bill gates" .... aight, I'ma head out.
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
ShrekNSkrub Gaming
ShrekNSkrub Gaming Prieš 6 val
This video was honestly amazing, even above Vsauce standards. It really opened my mind up to think about things that I'd never thought of before (not the overarching theme of climate change, mind you, but other topics discussed throughout the video.) This was an awesome video to watch. One of the best videos in this sort of region on LTtown, the science side of things. I always love the videos that not only explain a phenomenon to you, but give you something to think about after it's over.
Frederico Batista
Frederico Batista Prieš 7 val
I literally got goosebumps. Very good content.
Anantam Bisht
Anantam Bisht Prieš 7 val
Michael - NO I am NOT an Elephant 11:40 *2 min later* Or aM I?
Alphonse Bisaillon
Alphonse Bisaillon Prieš 7 val
Incroyablement pertinent, intelligent: un must pour quiconque aime raisonner
James Hare
James Hare Prieš 7 val
Humans are very fallible.
tomar81 Prieš 7 val
BREAKING NEWS! (at least for me) In any language other than english terms "global warming" and "climate change" are refering to 2 completely different occurrences In english language those two are synonyms and should be interpreted as "global warming"
Garrett Lees
Garrett Lees Prieš 7 val
Political much?
Yağız Dinç
Yağız Dinç Prieš 7 val
Am I the only one who thought of Arendt's ideal government during the last 10 minutes?
David Cummings
David Cummings Prieš 7 val
TL;DW: People are stupid. The internet is only making them stupider.
FeroxCious Prieš 7 val
Ah yes this reminds me to go on discord
oscardriver Prieš 7 val
Yah, you lost me at "BILL GATES" .... pshhhhhh
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
Caleb Merritt
Caleb Merritt Prieš 7 val
This is a very good and important video. Thank you!
Whalekiller 01
Whalekiller 01 Prieš 8 val
I hold your ideas in high regard just not this one it is absolute abysmal
Rabadash8820 Prieš 8 val
Lottocracy may be the coolest idea I've heard all year... However, I see two big potential flaws with it: 1. Foreign policy: would other countries' leaders really want to deal with some group of random citizens, especially when there might be a whole new group of citizens the next time they meet? This might be fine when EVERY country has groups of citizens meeting, effectively becoming a single group of WORLD citizens reaching a decision...but we're a long way from that. 2. National security: People may disagree, but I think there are some bits of knowledge that the entire populace DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW. When a bunch of random citizens know the identities of our foreign spies, the marching orders for the current war, the location of Area 51, etc., then it becomes really easy for terrorists and enemies to get that information too. All they have to do is find an "ex-lottocrat" to extort/threaten/blackmail for the info they want. The average citizen's house is not as well-protected as the White House!
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
Or just go direct democracy..
Piyas M
Piyas M Prieš 4 val
Thank you so much, I never considered these aspects. I agree with both of your points. But what if, lottocracy is implemented on the self-government level (ie., city level) instead of the national level? Will that decrease the bad consequences or will it create new ones?
William G
William G Prieš 8 val
"This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates " was Jeffrey Epstein in on it to? i hear him and Bill were great friends....
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
You know the name "Michael Stevens" is in Epsteins black book? I'm not kidding look it up. Try calling the number and see if he says "Hey! Vsauce, Michael here".
Roman Riesen
Roman Riesen Prieš 8 val
This reminds me very much of Blindsight by peter watts: Would our reasoning be more efficient without consciousness? How much more could our brain achieve if it didn´t have to emulate reality back at us whilst simulating us?
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
You can't have one without the other.
Katrina Rogers
Katrina Rogers Prieš 8 val
My internal soundtrack now whenever a New Idea appears: 5:48
0111 Barz
0111 Barz Prieš 9 val
Is it possible to go 0 Mph in space? And how do you messure speed in space
naoual elyagouby
naoual elyagouby Prieš 9 val
ok but the "where is your mind?" remind me of the iconic "where are your fingers?"
domhamai Prieš 9 val
Is Western philosophy finally catching up with the rest of the world?
Celal Ozdemir
Celal Ozdemir Prieš 9 val
Basically your opinion doesn't matter
Greg Lee
Greg Lee Prieš 9 val
Feel free to predict climate catastrophe and add your name to the list of failed predictions over the last century. 1950: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 1960: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 1970: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 1980: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 1990: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 2000: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 2010: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years 2020: climate will have some disastrous effect in ten years Some people are old enough to remember this pattern.
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
A lot of young people are starting to see it too. We're tired of being birthed into a world that constantly defecates on us. Especially the zoomers oh boy that'll be a fun one.
UHFStation1 Prieš 9 val
Does anyone know the music used on vsauce? Is Audionetwork an artist?
Koto Prieš 9 val
this is the best video
Richard Parker
Richard Parker Prieš 9 val
21:43 would showing this video to congress be catastrophic to our planetary destruction, or would it show them a reason to keep things nice
a u t o z o n e
a u t o z o n e Prieš 9 val
Finally, some quality content on this trash app
Stephen Prieš 10 val
I am so happy that Vsauce is back, the OG LTtownr!
Jonathan Gruber
Jonathan Gruber Prieš 10 val
I’m glad he remembered his password again.
Maléah Desean
Maléah Desean Prieš 10 val
This is what an agent looks like.
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
Unfortunately. Money is a unit of power. Power corrupts.
Dee James
Dee James Prieš 10 val
"They" start training Our "Tofu" early! Why are StuDents taught to sing Our ABCs, and not ABZs? (Hmmmm?... InTentionAll' or NoT?) 🌻🌺🗣💨WakeUp🐏🐑🐏🐑💨🍃
Dee James
Dee James Prieš 10 val
1.2.3s and not, 0 to Infini'Tee in creative Song?
Zenergy Prieš 11 val
it is so refreshing to watch a video that have a definitive beginning, middle and end with a solid solution at the end. so many times, we watch an infotainment video that only comments on a topic with no real conclusion. And this video is not one of those. Amazing Michael, Amazing.
Vish Prieš 11 val
Vsauce:Where is your mind?...Or is it? Me:What? That doesn't make sense! Vsauce:Yes it does!....Or does it? Me:Gosh,dangit
Galagya Prieš 11 val
Thinking yourself stupid. Congratulations.
Jacob Wallace
Jacob Wallace Prieš 11 val
Looks like I'm a lottocrat now
Russell Parr
Russell Parr Prieš 11 val
Did vsauce really just team up with Bill Gates to tell us to submit to group think?
Freedom Of Speech
Freedom Of Speech Prieš 4 val
Yes. Welcome to hell.
Sugar Fries
Sugar Fries Prieš 12 val
So much off this content is just based on hard psychology.
Kathryn Ferentchak
Kathryn Ferentchak Prieš 12 val
I missed these.
Tsuki Prieš 13 val
why does Michael want burgers from amy's baking company? did he not watch the episode?
Moeシt Prieš 13 val
The force that is vying the hardest to become a Great Filter is our mode of production, capitalism. Hey Bill.
oximas Prieš 13 val
you are using reasoning to debate about reasoning how meta is that.
Curious Wars
Curious Wars Prieš 13 val
It's because random would very quickly become "random".
Literally God
Literally God Prieš 13 val
The first video I've seen from Vsauce that seemed to have been made for a reason that he sees everyday on the news, social media, etc. and frustrates him. The age of disinformation. It's also sad how many people are going to watch this and not walk away with the actual message he's trying very hard to kindly convey.
S_Mug Prieš 13 val
10:40 that's sophistry.
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