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Restitutor Orbis
Restitutor Orbis Prieš mėn
"Hans did you get the panzerfaust?" "Nein, I brought the panzer division." *ERIKA INTENSIFIES*
Kryspy Prieš 6 val
It’s unfortunate its gonna break down halfway there
The Maple Leaf Forever
The Maple Leaf Forever Prieš 4 dienas
I love that song!
preston affleck
preston affleck Prieš 6 dienų
@shin akuma why do i hear boss music
GudBoiGames Prieš 7 dienų
*Rommel did you get the paznerfaust?
Renegade Raines
Renegade Raines Prieš 8 dienų
I like doom
TheOspreyMan45 Prieš val
Before the m-14 they did try to make a full auto m1 garand.
The end gliders
The end gliders Prieš 5 val
This is a dare for 20 bucks don’t get offended if you somehow do you are gay
KrissFliss Prieš 6 val
Ah, finaly somone used that hotswap mechanich from Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
Phoenix Vanhiem
Phoenix Vanhiem Prieš 7 val
I live in Texas And I even think that the Dallas cowboys are not the best
Zakk Brown
Zakk Brown Prieš 7 val
“Lofi HipHop beats to storm Normandy” 😂
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight Prieš 7 val
What hank doin
Papa bhoy
Papa bhoy Prieš 8 val
Play.. from the floor boards up .. lttown.info/baby/u3-Ig5Zsq7GLaYQ/vaizdo-ra-as
Papa bhoy
Papa bhoy Prieš 8 val
I’m going to watch narlie siris
Papa bhoy
Papa bhoy Prieš 8 val
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿+🇷🇺 =ww2 victory... if you know history..
Mikey 101234
Mikey 101234 Prieš 10 val
So what you are telling me is that enlisted is a good version of bfv that is free and has pretty much the same stuff but terrible graphics but the different maps and it being free is what makes it good
Tanking with Tigers
Tanking with Tigers Prieš 13 val
Gotta update siege when I do am gonna download this and werf some flammen
BXX Prieš 14 val
19:00 you also need to know, that really never ever happened that way. In the toughest time of 1941-1942 they did form special squads to prevent the fall backs WITHOUT AN ORDER. And their mission WAS NOT TO KILL THEM but to return them to their positions and help them to continue fighting. THe only individuals who may got shot is the ones that would not listen to they fellow comrades to get back to position and fight for the live of all people in their entire country and had kept not only acting actively themselves but also encouraging everyone around to surrender and run away. You think about that, really: so you have some of your fellow men running from their position towards you without an order from command. So, as they shit talk your mission would be to kill them all. I now offering you to think what would that accomplish? And also how that is going to help you fighting the germans who will come the same way the panic unit did? Think about it. That is not the way to win any war. And Red army DID WIN that war. And not that way they shit talk about this, trust me they don`t know shit.
BXX Prieš 14 val
Also, did you unlock the Tommy-gun in Normandy? levelel 21 one? The M1A1? IT IS SOO GOOOD to play with it i can tell you
BXX Prieš 14 val
15:57 literally the best and the most passionate line of the vid. Thanks
Kael Prieš 14 val
hitchbot is why nobody goes to philadelphia
BXX Prieš 14 val
Man, you need to check out the lone fighters mode. Cause now it is HARDCORE with Friendly Fire enabled. So you got to process your target identification before shooting Makes your brain work, man
Luke C.
Luke C. Prieš 17 val
I love how, upon getting stabbed, heavenly immediately got pissed, because that is the most disrespectful thing you can do in a shooting game, and it’s known by everyone.
Sonam Nechen
Sonam Nechen Prieš 18 val
Cut off one head, three more shall take its place
terrora Prieš 19 val
Why do I feel like if you guys were to play Company of heroes 2, you would just build dozen 203mm howitzers and bombard the ever living shit out of the battlefield. :D
Reids Quest
Reids Quest Prieš 21 val
Play tf2 you piece of poo
Exo Radiation
Exo Radiation Prieš dieną
Bro why does this game look like cuisine royal
Nimori -David-
Nimori -David- Prieš dieną
In all honesty though, the PIAT should damage yourself. It’s been known to dislocate somebody’s shoulder 90% of the time.
SILENCEr Prieš dieną
*”Radio operators are complete fucking dog shit”* Radioman: laughs in triple squad wipe airstrike
The Devil's Father
The Devil's Father Prieš dieną
i just clicked on this video again cause i love the comedy and then i get an enlisted ad. funny shit happens even before the video starts
msfoulger Prieš dieną
0:41 x/x lol
Alex Çollins
Alex Çollins Prieš dieną
Lewis Parnowski
Lewis Parnowski Prieš dieną
"It constantly keeps you in the action unlike all other WWII shooters where you spend half the game bleeding out, *am I right dallas?* " - The Russian Badger 2021
Olli Turunen
Olli Turunen Prieš dieną
I installed this game and my dad got addicted and has spent 30€ on it, i guess its his game now.
gamer gaming
gamer gaming Prieš dieną
I got an Enlisted ad while watching a video about Enlisted
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells Prieš dieną
Here's a nitpick, not huge but enlisted is not available through Xbox series s. I cannot play it, I downloaded it. But it says it's not available sadly. Wish I could play it.
mischievous one
mischievous one Prieš dieną
my mother got uninlisted last year
Tobuu TV
Tobuu TV Prieš dieną
Gotta love the tf2 jokes
brolledge trollderson
brolledge trollderson Prieš 2 dienas
hitler got trolled by himself lol
RazorHead Rouche
RazorHead Rouche Prieš 2 dienas
thats gotta go to the shorts, where you knifed grouse non-purposely at 16:05 just cracked up
SHaylan Tucker
SHaylan Tucker Prieš 2 dienas
Dont you just love philly?
Cheetah Man
Cheetah Man Prieš 2 dienas
my enlisted is bugged and I can not see when I have killed, where the capture points are, or if someone has been killed at all.
BlueWizi Prieš 2 dienas
Anyone know how they did an offline game?
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg Prieš 2 dienas
I got an enlisted ad before this video this is a double fuckin ad
Erick Velasco
Erick Velasco Prieš 2 dienas
bro when he said welcome to inlisted the a inlisted ad poped up lol
Buckshotcannon Prieš 2 dienas
But if the body was a cell…
I'm a little sponge man
I'm a little sponge man Prieš 2 dienas
enlisted is good when it's not laggy mine is so fucking laggy
TiTab 4004
TiTab 4004 Prieš 3 dienas
10:41 Nooooooooooo Marvin!!!!
j4ck_r Prieš 3 dienas
That intro was sick
TheSkelletonBro Prieš 3 dienas
I'd LOVE for badgur to play dmc5 just to see how he whould explain the Lore in his own meme-like way.
Grant Dietrich
Grant Dietrich Prieš 3 dienas
Ah yes, the flamenwerfer, the preferred weapon of a Nazi.
mixed sandnigga
mixed sandnigga Prieš 3 dienas
It's like the OG Ghost Recon games
Raz Das
Raz Das Prieš 3 dienas
As a pyro main,I respect this
Connor Strother
Connor Strother Prieš 3 dienas
"Bro this is wonky as shit" then boom as he kamikazes them
T4CKY Prieš 3 dienas
What is the sound being played every time badger fills up the kill feed
Mr. LicPeanutbutter
Mr. LicPeanutbutter Prieš 3 dienas
the link is a virus *sheeeeesh*
Stormpaw The wolf
Stormpaw The wolf Prieš 3 dienas
Hey in the intro did I hear Baronvongames
Paragon of Honor
Paragon of Honor Prieš 3 dienas
Bruh, I just got an add for Enlisted while watching this video.
Luke Peebles
Luke Peebles Prieš 3 dienas
I still miss the old animations for quotes that r like pictures
VicariusHardFall Prieš 3 dienas
I understand your german.
Master Zeleth
Master Zeleth Prieš 3 dienas
Isnt this the dev who fatshamed Bigfry after Bigfry critiqued his game in 2018, aswell as threatening to sue him???? What the fuck.
Ty Crothers
Ty Crothers Prieš 3 dienas
4:27 yes we understand you
Tracey Welsh
Tracey Welsh Prieš 3 dienas
Some soldier in a war: What caliber does bar shoot Veteran: 30-60 Soldier: *WHAAAAAT*
Wimbleton Prieš 3 dienas
i legit got a Series X yesterday and i instantly downloaded this game.
Krelekar Prieš 3 dienas
is named russianbadger but doesnt show russian stuff
Big Man
Big Man Prieš 4 dienas
I wish I had friends
Derek Drake
Derek Drake Prieš 4 dienas
The game Battlefield 5 wished it was.
Mib Prieš 4 dienas
TheRussianbadger: i’m just joking this guns not loaded and it’s not even real’ five seconds earlier shoot gun
Holly Brynjar (Sock)
Holly Brynjar (Sock) Prieš 4 dienas
badge, why tf do you look like Kirklands brand Vegeta
William Whipple
William Whipple Prieš 4 dienas
I did not regret getting this game, lots of fun with the boys
Phantom Tigerman
Phantom Tigerman Prieš 4 dienas
21 kills while flying. Guess he can call himself the 21 pilots
Quinn Ryan
Quinn Ryan Prieš 4 dienas
Mordred 1701
Mordred 1701 Prieš 4 dienas
So I'm new to the Russian badger I kinda like this
History Games013
History Games013 Prieš 4 dienas
I don't want to be "That Guy" but didn't the BAR come out before the Garand so the Garand is a semi auto BAR
History Games013
History Games013 Prieš 4 dienas
This game looks like a more hardcore version of Battlefield
FrumpGaming Prieš 5 dienų
I wish enlisted was on ps4
DuDe Productions
DuDe Productions Prieš 5 dienų
The song on the end was bangin what's its name?
memelord 776
memelord 776 Prieš 5 dienų
Piat really isn’t an rpg since there’s no rocket so I guess it’s just a pg
Kittytime Gaming
Kittytime Gaming Prieš 5 dienų
Ze flamménwérfer
Yukako Souza
Yukako Souza Prieš 5 dienų
Jedi can block miniguns and buckshots. They have lightning speed reflexes. Ever watched Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker?
london vancil
london vancil Prieš 5 dienų
Plz try gorilla tag on Oculus quest 2
M4ze Prieš 5 dienų
just got a enlisted ad, aye.
Mwisu Prieš 6 dienų
I got an Enlisted AD when I was watching this video.
Melwo Prieš 6 dienų
im from germany and i love how you try to speak german, lol
Hadazoo Prieš 6 dienų
I love how they think they’re good with they’re 40 kills I dropped 147 might be a record idk
That Warden
That Warden Prieš 6 dienų
I had 5 god damned ads and every one of them was for Enlisted, I get it you want me to play it ffs
Gene Thompson
Gene Thompson Prieš 6 dienų
The game is boring after 8 hours. And saying your "in control of a whole squad" is giving them to much credit. The AI is stupid and can't aim for crap. And the pathing.
Hank J Wimbleton (my old channel name was jyzat)
Hank J Wimbleton (my old channel name was jyzat) Prieš 6 dienų
you single-handedly made me get enlisted
Gamer Guy69
Gamer Guy69 Prieš 6 dienų
Nobody Badger describing Enlisted: /\ /\ /\ | \ / \ / |/ | / Enlisted \ /__________________\ Yes that was my my best attempt at making fire
Hat Time!
Hat Time! Prieš 6 dienų
Where is the mexicans? debo parar de ver esto
Sami_Blueboy Prieš 6 dienų
I always feel left out when Badger and his friends talk about guns and rounds because I dont understand any of it, but then I realise Im not American.
Aiden deSoto
Aiden deSoto Prieš 6 dienų
allah snackbar
allah snackbar Prieš 6 dienų
nice to see the avon s10 respirator travelling in time
Nugget Bucket ???
Nugget Bucket ??? Prieš 6 dienų
4:26 sounds like a 9 year old german
Danny Lurk
Danny Lurk Prieš 6 dienų
everyone gansta till this guy with a s10 gasmask , Nazi Uniform, Judgernaut suit, and a flame thrower
ZzVibestationzZ Prieš 7 dienų
I Love how badger is just tightly gripping a blue yeti mic on its stand not even plugged in.
SCP - 173 With a crucible
SCP - 173 With a crucible Prieš 7 dienų
3:54 "is that your whole ass tank" *blows it up*
s01d 1
s01d 1 Prieš 7 dienų
i got an ad for Enlisted in this vid lol
Joshua Japitan
Joshua Japitan Prieš 7 dienų
Why is cheems there lol
BonzerMrT Prieš 7 dienų
The fact that The Nazi’s lost the beach was impressive on the Allies side. Cause boy did them fuckers have a field day with their K/D ratio
Sway Prieš 7 dienų
das ist mein flammenwerfer es werfs flammen
LoneWolfGames22 Prieš 7 dienų
As an Ohioan, we will destroy Philly so fast
Itz_LittlewolfYTplayz Prieš 7 dienų
Thanks for the Enlisted ad, but I love this game, probably one of the shooters I've ever played.
That 1boi
That 1boi Prieš 7 dienų
Free to play battlefield
max fullarton
max fullarton Prieš 7 dienų
Me: what?? No I’m not racist Also me: 16:37
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