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29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
25 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!
Xdot Prieš 21 val
One better put the elder gaurdian hidden in your friend’s mine!
Candy Pan
Candy Pan Prieš 21 val
g 4 o l l k l l l l
Hungrybaryonyxboy The Dino
Hungrybaryonyxboy The Dino Prieš 21 val
I have done the lamp thing for my dino zoo’s
FrostXoticシ天 Prieš 21 val
Alternate title: 25 Evil Ways To Ruin You Friendship
Aaron Silvertorch
Aaron Silvertorch Prieš 21 val
Me: watches video My subconscious: is that a Pokémon song?
Mivit Tiem
Mivit Tiem Prieš 21 val
SNP Prieš 21 val
The idea of living beneath a desert well sounds appealing on a server. 09:13 Not many people will be inclined to build around the area, explore the area or mine around the area.
Nooby 357
Nooby 357 Prieš 21 val
Me thinking of yt channels name “skip the tutorial” I mean he did skip the tutorial on how to make them
Laura Ann Rich
Laura Ann Rich Prieš 21 val
He is almost at 1.69 subs hurry up guys
Arshad Khokhar
Arshad Khokhar Prieš 21 val
I want this update to come is so cool
kawaii catz :3
kawaii catz :3 Prieš 21 val
Lol one time I had a pet wolf in Minecraft and I was playing with my dad, I asked my dad to babysit my pet wolf. So he took the wolf and put it in his basement. I saw the dog walk into the basement then it just disappeared....now I never trust my dad to watch my Minecraft pets again.........................
big brain octo
big brain octo Prieš 22 val
How is this possible to don't do enough damage
A Bit of Pix
A Bit of Pix Prieš 22 val
Wait so am I actually the only one stealing the end stronghold and making it my own?? It might have a little rst problem but as soon as you remodel it, it's beautiful
Blacklite Prieš 22 val
Man that Celeste music.
Patryk S
Patryk S Prieš 22 val
for me making potions isn't a chore its actually fun.
Emmanuelle dunn
Emmanuelle dunn Prieš 22 val
i did not even know you can find fossils in minecraft
How am I not dead yet?
How am I not dead yet? Prieš 22 val
Me and the bois went on a 40,000 block expedition and found the spine fossil (the rarest one)
John Hein
John Hein Prieš 22 val
Who are you
kishore gunda
kishore gunda Prieš 22 val
click this and then click arrow button back 14:29 (I WANT IT ALL I WANT IT NOW)
toro toro
toro toro Prieš 22 val
I hate you.
Riapql ඞ
Riapql ඞ Prieš 22 val
Mivit Tiem
Mivit Tiem Prieš 22 val
kagraeb Prieš 22 val
I live near a abandon village in my world
ZelPie Prieš 22 val
Skip: “It’s impossible to subscribe before this house burns down.” Me, an intellectual: *Pauses video* Jk, was already subbed
grim gream
grim gream Prieš 22 val
Skip the tutorial a minecraft pro builds a base underneath a lava pool me on my first time playing lol u can just make a base in a chest
Royal DragonII
Royal DragonII Prieš 22 val
My friend killed my horse and took my saddle and I just left the server and almost the party they didn't even say sorry or get me a new one. If I would have left they probably won't have invited me back and my other friends in the party would have invited me back. I don't know if I would have joined back. So this will be revenge.
TP Prieš 23 val
Ah yes, the My Hero music in the background is perfect
sdf elite
sdf elite Prieš 23 val
the key to sucess in mc is slavery and lvl 30 enchant tables oh and automation
Hemihero76 YT
Hemihero76 YT Prieš 23 val
Speedy stream? More like bloody stream
Hassan Omar P4C
Hassan Omar P4C Prieš 23 val
Am i the only one that doesn't know how red stone works
sdf elite
sdf elite Prieš 23 val
6:35 for half a second i thought this was the defiled lands in rlcraft then I remembered this is Minecraft, so it must be a mushroom island
Sibs Prieš 23 val
DanimationS -w-
DanimationS -w- Prieš 23 val
I once drained out the whole ocean monument and made it a market for villagers to sell fish. I did it because it was funny to watch my friends get inside with the guardians attacking them
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin Prieš 23 val
6:24 is this really your skeleton, for some reason it's hard to believe.
Reece the great
Reece the great Prieš 23 val
Y no credit to mumbo`s vid
TheMuffinMan Prieš 23 val
I see abandoned villages all the time or is it just for java
CosmoXYZ Prieš 23 val
i knew all of these
Joaquín Emiliano Valdes Larios
Joaquín Emiliano Valdes Larios Prieš 23 val
Stratton Prieš 23 val
I have made a base in modified jungle 1000 times lol
NoName Worm
NoName Worm Prieš 23 val
I ALWAYS live in a big red mushroom I have a design for it that I always use I just love it...
Bodhster Games
Bodhster Games Prieš 23 val
My friend and I live in a Pillager house too. It’s fun.
Logans Gaming
Logans Gaming Prieš 23 val
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun!
Alex Fierro
Alex Fierro Prieš 23 val
OMG DUDE all this Nintendo music, especially the Pokemon music is making me hella nostalgic
kishrey tiffany
kishrey tiffany Prieš 23 val
did this guy just use a 9000000 IQ bait move
Bolita De Estambre
Bolita De Estambre Prieš 23 val
No more updates rip among us.
The_Aleric _Draven
The_Aleric _Draven Prieš 23 val
"A smithing table doesn't do anything" Me: are you out of your mind
Dakota Jacobsen
Dakota Jacobsen Prieš 23 val
How do you put items frames next to each other and how do you get white maps
Captain _Green
Captain _Green Prieš dieną
Bro my dad literally copied the boat and built it above water
ollie Prieš dieną
you took it a bit far when you said to kill their dog
David Hoffman
David Hoffman Prieš dieną
Use chicken to feed fox😯
Oilicec Otos
Oilicec Otos Prieš dieną
More like bored at school
JustMyCase Prieš dieną
When people say don't dig straight up or straight down if you're digging up just play a torch under your feet so then the gravel and sand will break For digging straight down dog by a 2X2 so you won't fall in lava and stay in the middle of the two blocks so and plush if you break gravel you won't fall be your standing on the block stone and not gravel
WarpStarRogue3 Prieš dieną
Funny thing that took me FOREVER to find out. Pressing down and attack when an explosive from chain blast is out explodes them immediately. I am ashamed to know about this recently
Ed’s mock’s and reviews
Ed’s mock’s and reviews Prieš dieną
Killing their dog, That's WAYY to far!
Clay Prieš dieną
6: 😀 6:🙂 6: 😱
Crazy Creepers
Crazy Creepers Prieš dieną
Bamboo can’t be composted in real life lol
ryan porter
ryan porter Prieš dieną
best youtuber ever
gbomb 864
gbomb 864 Prieš dieną
Hey skip the tutorial you can respawn in the end you just have to have a charged respawn anchor
Blue Rosé
Blue Rosé Prieš dieną
I'll put the door under the lava then water log a ladder so I can just jump right in
Michael Dodd
Michael Dodd Prieš dieną
i used to convert those to houses when the ocean update came out 7:36
Lord Dragon
Lord Dragon Prieš dieną
Amazing video as always!
AJtheHalfAngel Prieš dieną
If i see Admin it mostly brightens up my Bad Mood Cause its satifying if you can literally 1-Shot it :}
Endshade Prieš dieną
#1 - a ravine me: if tommyinnit can do it, anyone can
Hassan Yusuf
Hassan Yusuf Prieš dieną
Why do I regret burning that pillager outpost no joke I just made a fire on every floor and now it’s just a pile of ash
Owen Geever
Owen Geever Prieš dieną
Me after watching this video: Angry end-piglin noises
Asta Pauliuke
Asta Pauliuke Prieš dieną
1 second
JoonaPlays246 Prieš dieną
Promixity chat? Just no
Jordan Nguyen
Jordan Nguyen Prieš dieną
is it rare to find two zombie village's and a normmal village right in a straight line?
Matthew McPhillips
Matthew McPhillips Prieš dieną
Wadzee spent like 6 months making a full netherite beacon
Morpheus Films
Morpheus Films Prieš dieną
Put observer and tnt under farm block >:D
Brendan Lamb
Brendan Lamb Prieš dieną
i love action fingers 2:33
David Hoffman
David Hoffman Prieš dieną
I do card swipe first try😎😏
The Commentor
The Commentor Prieš dieną
You know how he was talking about that jungle area that’s rare I got that on a realm world of mine and I built my base there
Sayx Gaming
Sayx Gaming Prieš dieną
4:33 Can we ignore the fact that he was on half a heart?
David Woodburn
David Woodburn Prieš dieną
Not a hater but half of this stuff is kinda bs
Enderemyツ Prieš dieną
im gonna try some of these
Un- Fixed
Un- Fixed Prieš dieną
you forgot about building a base inside a tree. Not a treehouse, but INSIDE a tree.
Liam Tosen
Liam Tosen Prieš dieną
Ahh no 1 block skyblock😭😭 enymore
e Prieš dieną
0:05 hmmm idk what that creature is ik thats sus..