Jake Paul CRASHES UFC 261
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Young Music God
Young Music God Prieš 21 val
He fought a old dude who retired from MMA not even boxing
gidmanone Prieš 22 val
It's just business. that's it lad
archan gel
archan gel Prieš 22 val
Max grappling is zero hahaha
aladdinoscopy Prieš 22 val
cool dude.
روح Prieš 22 val
So the whiskey and a Muslim salutation cannot coexist ? Keep your Allah inside the mosque buddy and stay cool. None wants to see Jesus vs Allah in a fight between civilizations. After all Conor is paying taxes employing people and not selling alcohol to underage customers but to adults who are supposed to know what they are doing (I don't drink alcohol coz i know it is not good). First respect the customs of the places you visit then you will be respected. In Europe do good and find good. Remember you are a fighter and not a moral authority, we do not watch you buddy Khabib for a moral/ethic lessons.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Prieš 22 val
That belt is a joke
Rebecca Rebunny
Rebecca Rebunny Prieš 23 val
Alex Morono comes off so well here. Thoughtful, well-spoken, full of gratitude and humility. His students must be very lucky to have him.
Henry Pollock
Henry Pollock Prieš 23 val
really like this guy we need more guys like him and steer away from the shit talk its better for mma in the long run
JeffE ProdigyProjectPierce
JeffE ProdigyProjectPierce Prieš 23 val
“ I fought the guy on two weeks notice” said as if he just appeared out of train air with know time to consider he might face him in his career. Excuses don’t make champions
pumpkinscream Prieš dieną
Wow their both so hot especially maycee barber
Devan Stringham
Devan Stringham Prieš dieną
Would McGregor fight me and the loser gets $1,000,000 USD winner gets the honor of winning the fight?
kevin staples
kevin staples Prieš dieną
Hate to see cowboy lose so bad. But atleast its to a respectful articulate dude. Gained another fan bro. Wish you the best.
Lee Amato
Lee Amato Prieš dieną
Just became of a fan of Alex just by this interview. Good dude.
Johnathan Mumm
Johnathan Mumm Prieš dieną
You just won the biggest fight of your life, in Las Vegas, and you’re going back to the room to eat some noodles? These fighters nowadays are built different... if Cowboy won, he would’ve bought the bar and then went back to the hotel and got his wife pregnant.
krusty gold
krusty gold Prieš dieną
a humble man and a clown 🤡
Arin Lampkin
Arin Lampkin Prieš dieną
She sounds scared.
lalomorris Prieš dieną
John Doxtator
John Doxtator Prieš dieną
Holly holm sitting there like conor you can beat me up for free 😆😆
Wanna fawk ?
Wanna fawk ? Prieš dieną
A true fighter
Bear Skinner
Bear Skinner Prieš dieną
This dude can even out talk Fabia. He really likes to hear himself, too.
Retired Veteran
Retired Veteran Prieš dieną
Crackhead with a suit on is so funny for some reason lmso
Rob H
Rob H Prieš dieną
Nothing worse than listening to those self righteous turds, who have most likely lived a privileged life and have never gotten into a fight.
UGOTCHODE 100% Prieš dieną
Connor has no real man in him other than his boys hitting him from the back
Horace Kitchener
Horace Kitchener Prieš dieną
Lmao is that Jack Swagger ? 🤣
Marshall applewhite
Marshall applewhite Prieš dieną
Where are the highlights?
Flint rock
Flint rock Prieš dieną
He found a better deal and Dana wont tell you that. He acts like they just didnt want to resign him
wheelmanstan Prieš dieną
how can you not be a fan after hearing him speak and seeing him brawling and being so hungry..it was beautiful, all a viewer wants, not point fighting bullshit
Baghuul Prieš dieną
I dont know how people can drink that shit. Its like drinking liquid candy.
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce Prieš dieną
Connor looks wild and drunk af here lol
keirnan mcentire
keirnan mcentire Prieš dieną
How tf do you talk shit on someone and call them bad when they literally put you away
M T Prieš dieną
Dude where's the KO? 🤦‍♂️🤣
foreign warren
foreign warren Prieš dieną
Whiskey bottles drink shots of Nate
the2kcrew Prieš dieną
He asked Anderson about retirement the dude didn’t retire till 2021
Proud Tobestraight
Proud Tobestraight Prieš dieną
Jake Paul's next opponent
YOUNG ISO Prieš dieną
6:55 he talk about Fabio thank me later
cjr1881 Prieš dieną
This guy talks way too much. Loves to hear himself talk. Obnoxious.
Nelson Ndi Comedy
Nelson Ndi Comedy Prieš dieną
She knows she will get smoke in boxing
LosAngelesWeedSmoker Prieš dieną
You beat an old guy. 😂 Go fight top ten.
droppinloads 09
droppinloads 09 Prieš dieną
This clip has 55k views but the full interview sits under 1k views. Apex deserves more recognition
Mauri H
Mauri H Prieš dieną
This dude is very well spoken
Marcus S.
Marcus S. Prieš dieną
that "scene" with fabia and sanchez, it looks like fabia watch some van damme movie and copy that and use it in training with sanchez.
Dan Hawman
Dan Hawman Prieš dieną
MrFredstt Prieš dieną
Alex is really well spoken
Caleb Orvik
Caleb Orvik Prieš dieną
That ain’t cbd hahaha
David Milton
David Milton Prieš dieną
Dana- well, however many fights it takes to be a golden gloves boxer...
MNX Prieš dieną
5:51 Diego Sanchez Part
Matthew Neufer
Matthew Neufer Prieš dieną
New Neil magny Put on a pace Geoffrey Neil couldn't keep up
YouKnow Prieš dieną
Alex never once went off on Diego or Josh in this interview
Foxhound Prieš dieną
Mehmet Yazici
Mehmet Yazici Prieš dieną
Chael is the best thing to happen to ufc all seriousness
Maroš Leo Šulej
Maroš Leo Šulej Prieš dieną
Imagine if Americans were allowed to fight in street
newjdm Prieš dieną
Of course his name is Chad
Tj Pack
Tj Pack Prieš dieną
I am a new fan of this kid now, well spoken and speaks the truth.
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones Prieš dieną
You can tell this amazing kid is deadly serious about his commitment to the quality of coaching in martial arts... Even after that reporter tried to make a pun about hanging upside down and getting kicked and punched like Diego was, he didn't even flinch, laugh, or crack a smile. Love the intensity and passion on this dude.
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones Prieš dieną
Articulate, well spoken, intelligent, thoughtful, and on top of it all, a beast of a fighter...it sounded like he was doing a podcast or a tedtalk, instead of a post fight interview after knocking out a UFC legend.
LORDLANKY Prieš dieną
This is real self awareness, cool dude
Reezan Saleem
Reezan Saleem Prieš dieną
Khabib maybe the GOAT but Conor did the meh.. meh.. meh..
Tik Tok
Tik Tok Prieš dieną
Jon Jones is the goat casual
blazed2k7 Prieš dieną
Use me as a new fan button.
Michael B
Michael B Prieš dieną
This kid is great I hope he does well
Sir Guidemere
Sir Guidemere Prieš dieną
Watching this presser makes taking the cowboy loss easier. Good kid
Matthew Lombardo
Matthew Lombardo Prieš dieną
Death punch. Lol. Soon as someone says that you know they're full of shit
J. Laughren
J. Laughren Prieš dieną
Class act this kid, through and through. He keeps it up and the sky ISN'T the limit for him.
M AZ Prieš dieną
I was disappointed that the ref called it against Cowboy, but Alex has a new fan after this post fight interview.
Tommy Hurst
Tommy Hurst Prieš dieną
...the Hell was that!!, Dont stop showing the fight right before the end "WHAT ARE YOU DOING 😫🤦 you lost everyone doing that I WANT MY TIME BACK (that was like going on a date and She never calls you back for another).
Nick Rangel
Nick Rangel Prieš dieną
This kid is one of the most intelligent fighters I've heard speak in a while. Hard tell if he has the athleticism to be champ, but if not he'll wind up being a great coach.
WorstPlayer Prieš dieną
He should open up a school of self-awareness
Danny Murcia
Danny Murcia Prieš dieną
This dude really loves his life, and appreciates the moment. I’m a fan
Joe Gunn
Joe Gunn Prieš dieną
The audio sucks ass
Christopher Fiore
Christopher Fiore Prieš dieną
Aaaand Subbed.
John Arias
John Arias Prieš dieną
Bruh how embarrassing and cringe
Christopher Fiore
Christopher Fiore Prieš dieną
"I have one primary goal when I fight and when I train. And that's to Not get kicked and punched in the face..." 😂 Yes, that's legit.
Bennie Thompson
Bennie Thompson Prieš dieną
I had no idea I’d end the weekend being a Alex Morono fan. Well done sir.
Agent Omega
Agent Omega Prieš dieną
Wow. What he did/said about Donald there only a fighter can understand how considerate and necessary it was. Brandon you are an honorable warrior . I am now a fan.
Darl Tharp
Darl Tharp Prieš dieną
If a coach tells you he going to teach you a "DEATH PUNCH " hahahaha hahahaha run
insidecrescent Prieš dieną
Alex "the question effectively reworded" morono
AgentCody Banx8
AgentCody Banx8 Prieš dieną
This guy gained a ton of fans last night. Well spoken, well taught, respectful, and he beat Cowboy. Can't hate the guy
Argumemnon Prieš dieną
Interesting how woke he wants to sound while preventing the woman who was asked the question from speaking.
Corey Ransom
Corey Ransom Prieš dieną
I like this kid alex very respectful new fan here
Rashad Rafiq
Rashad Rafiq Prieš dieną
Holly Holm in da house 👍
claudia hazeleur
claudia hazeleur Prieš dieną
Alex Morono is very intelligent. Great interview. Classy guy.