Minecraft, But Caves Are Super...
Minecraft, But You Only Get ONE Chunk...
Minecraft, But Every Click Is OP...
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
Minecraft, But It's Only One Block...
Samuel H
Samuel H PrieŇ° 12 val
5:08 didnt even talk about the anime cosplay :(
Yearly uploads
Yearly uploads PrieŇ° 12 val
Les goooo
Brandi Myerion
Brandi Myerion PrieŇ° 12 val
Andrew Doughty
Andrew Doughty PrieŇ° 12 val
Jennifer Lance
Jennifer Lance PrieŇ° 12 val
day 1b of asking nestor
David Allen
David Allen PrieŇ° 12 val
Heather Dee
Heather Dee PrieŇ° 12 val
Ilija ҆ovljanski
Ilija ҆ovljanski PrieҰ 12 val
xNestorio:A litereal helicopter! xNestorio 1 second later:can i beat the dragon? Like bruh
nightmare foxy
nightmare foxy PrieŇ° 12 val
you could try making it so you can make a *bucket* of every item
Zander Hinojosa
Zander Hinojosa PrieŇ° 12 val
will you ever do a face reveal
Lucas Tomsik
Lucas Tomsik PrieŇ° 12 val
Karma Or Honey???
Kole Burns
Kole Burns PrieŇ° 12 val
How did you find a abandoned portal Right away
Tijs Dees
Tijs Dees PrieŇ° 12 val
When the
When the PrieŇ° 12 val
|‚ÄĘsm√łlbean‚ÄĘ PrieŇ° 12 val
Chris Hunt
Chris Hunt PrieŇ° 12 val
DABABY PICKAXE!!!!!!!! just made another one
Moon Child ‚ü≠‚ü¨ ‚Ā∑
Moon Child ‚ü≠‚ü¨ ‚Ā∑ PrieŇ° 12 val
Melissa Ruiz
Melissa Ruiz PrieŇ° 12 val
And people say I talk fast
Golden Dummy
Golden Dummy PrieŇ° 12 val
2 likes??????? hun u go 226k XD
Eva Jones
Eva Jones PrieŇ° 12 val
The melted rainbow peripherally bolt because dragon originally relax towards a inquisitive goldfish. dapper, superficial peen
TigerXD Plays
TigerXD Plays PrieŇ° 12 val
Bucket lol
phoebe 2801
phoebe 2801 PrieŇ° 12 val
Holy crap you're the best
Xanderman thegreat
Xanderman thegreat PrieŇ° 12 val
I'm not joking i liked ur vids so much that I banned myself from watching till now
Chris Donegan
Chris Donegan PrieŇ° 12 val
4:27 hold up wait a minute something an,t right that’s diamond not gold
Chris Donegan
Chris Donegan PrieŇ° 12 val
I mean 27:52
Melissa Ruiz
Melissa Ruiz PrieŇ° 12 val
Why was the Dijon’s rainbow?
Melissa Ruiz
Melissa Ruiz PrieŇ° 12 val
I mean Diamond
Weston Keslow
Weston Keslow PrieŇ° 12 val
Lavarite vs endeite
Jamal Cooke
Jamal Cooke PrieŇ° 12 val
MinecrFt but you
MADMAXI231 PrieŇ° 12 val
Viperine Gaming
Viperine Gaming PrieŇ° 12 val
Pls do UHCs again
Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot PrieŇ° 12 val
Jennifer Quan
Jennifer Quan PrieŇ° 12 val
I could not do the spin because I’m at my cousin’s house
Virginia Ruff
Virginia Ruff PrieŇ° 12 val
Bucket. Love the vid
Radhika Karra
Radhika Karra PrieŇ° 12 val
Koopergaming PrieŇ° 12 val
Carter Schnurfeil
Carter Schnurfeil PrieŇ° 12 val
Tk S
Tk S PrieŇ° 12 val
you forgot chests in the mansion at the evoker room at the top LOL
* PrieŇ° 12 val
"sea pickle"
Dominic Lovenduski
Dominic Lovenduski PrieŇ° 12 val
good vid
MoodyTriggaaa PrieŇ° 12 val
im sorry but ur voice is very obnoxious lol
Tom Noyes
Tom Noyes PrieŇ° 12 val
Melissa Ruiz
Melissa Ruiz PrieŇ° 12 val
I did not know there was custom ingest
Peter Breeze
Peter Breeze PrieŇ° 12 val
Asaad Saleh
Asaad Saleh PrieŇ° 12 val
The best gamer
Jillali Bougataya
Jillali Bougataya PrieŇ° 13 val
Dankaro Mularski
Dankaro Mularski PrieŇ° 13 val
Quinton Weissenberger
Quinton Weissenberger PrieŇ° 13 val
Corn dog sword
Jesse Holloway
Jesse Holloway PrieŇ° 13 val
You should have multiplied the golden apples
Kassidy Mc Donald
Kassidy Mc Donald PrieŇ° 13 val
CheesyCurdPlays PrieŇ° 13 val
Random Shit
Random Shit PrieŇ° 13 val
What about a ender dragon egg block thingūüôā
Vuk Stanic
Vuk Stanic PrieŇ° 13 val
Efecan √Ėzt√ľrk
Efecan √Ėzt√ľrk PrieŇ° 13 val
Raghad Sahib
Raghad Sahib PrieŇ° 13 val
Kassidy Mc Donald
Kassidy Mc Donald PrieŇ° 13 val
I feel so bad
HotSauce_R1 PrieŇ° 13 val
Mayuelil Melil
Mayuelil Melil PrieŇ° 13 val
Floride Batagaramba
Floride Batagaramba PrieŇ° 13 val
Tha bayby picacse
Sandra Saad
Sandra Saad PrieŇ° 13 val
GoD Z GameR
GoD Z GameR PrieŇ° 13 val
*bucket* huhh???
Kris Ed
Kris Ed PrieŇ° 13 val
The vivacious graphic regionally spell because philippines behaviourally book against a dazzling headline. handsome, plain man
Yousef Wael
Yousef Wael PrieŇ° 13 val
Bucket gang
Koen Barter
Koen Barter PrieŇ° 13 val
bucket :)
Mayuelil Melil
Mayuelil Melil PrieŇ° 13 val
My My
My My PrieŇ° 13 val
Mission XGNETI
Mission XGNETI PrieŇ° 13 val
A literal notch apple... When you had an unenchanted god apple somehow
Carson Young
Carson Young PrieŇ° 13 val
Soica Menjivar
Soica Menjivar PrieŇ° 13 val
Fish is the way
Epicgamer 69
Epicgamer 69 PrieŇ° 13 val
Epic Gamer Ethan
Epic Gamer Ethan PrieŇ° 13 val
esma8567 abonnés vous
esma8567 abonn√©s vous PrieŇ° 13 val
Trident whit loyalty
Kris Ed
Kris Ed PrieŇ° 13 val
The impolite dictionary causally jump because facilities joly chop out a irate fahrenheit. panoramic, cynical twilight
Evan Kittenplan
Evan Kittenplan PrieŇ° 13 val
I love watching these videos in peace especially your vids
Allison Guidos
Allison Guidos PrieŇ° 13 val
Dude I did it!!
Loretta Nakatsu
Loretta Nakatsu PrieŇ° 13 val
Salem Giannio
Salem Giannio PrieŇ° 13 val
Roisin Adams
Roisin Adams PrieŇ° 13 val
XNestorio:were going to get a neatherite portal... at the end of the video me:where's the neatherite portal?
Jacen Ackley
Jacen Ackley PrieŇ° 13 val
If a sword is netherite its the same as a trydent
May Kay
May Kay PrieŇ° 13 val
Bucket foot
FineHoldenTheGamer PrieŇ° 13 val
At 14:20 he called diamond blocks gold blocks lol