steve casillas
steve casillas Prieš 12 val
trailblazer King
trailblazer King Prieš 12 val
Logan Holding everytime.....paul..!!! Lol..Mayweather shut-out ...!!!!
Kin C
Kin C Prieš 13 val
Blem tattoo man jake paul is sick, respect what Mayweather went through in his life.
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Prieš 13 val
Now get us Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber ❤️
Music Prieš 13 val
Oh BS. This I'm bigger than the team is SO OLD. Trade him for draft picks. And we dump $40 MM is salary. Maybe we can get a SB defense
gerda romain
gerda romain Prieš 13 val
Boy if Tyron doesn't win Tryon suck lol
Jim Wills
Jim Wills Prieš 14 val
I don't care who wins, as long as it's not Doocheambeau.
Shocked Prieš 14 val
Kobe was my favorite player since I started watching and playing basketball. He was the reason I got into it in 2014. I have always been a fan of everything and anything he does and I have had this jersey for a while now in my room. I remember I was playing online with my friends and my mom came into my room crying saying Kobe died. I couldn't sleep for the next 2 weeks.
Eduardo Avila
Eduardo Avila Prieš 15 val
Theo Sprinkles
Theo Sprinkles Prieš 16 val
It's a year early for the Bijan Robinson hype. But he is legit. As a Longhorn it pains me to say this is probably OU's year. I would love to play spoiler. 🤘
Chas Post
Chas Post Prieš 16 val
I don’t think the Kings are going to take another point guard with Fox and Haliburton already playing well together. Moody seems like a better fit there but we’ll see if he’s available.
Moses Supposes
Moses Supposes Prieš 16 val
Why all the second guessing about what ifs? This is zero sum competition.
Falls Arion
Falls Arion Prieš 17 val
They miss evaluate every Pistons draft selection each year, lol. We need another Big Man/Combo Guard, who can create there own shot and spread the floor!
Emma Snow
Emma Snow Prieš 17 val
What trash....
HappyLarry Prieš 17 val
Mayweather was definitely paid to NOT KO Paul
Gimangi Podestry
Gimangi Podestry Prieš 18 val
Worst highlight and wouldnyou just stfu damn
David Mazzini
David Mazzini Prieš 18 val
The Second Coming of "Flash 80"?
Andy Xiong
Andy Xiong Prieš 18 val
TY Joe Harris for this win!!! Mad respect to the best player in the world KD!!!
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson Prieš 18 val
judy ong
judy ong Prieš 18 val
clippers in 5
jacky mai
jacky mai Prieš 19 val
The callous report gergely doubt because sex extragingivally sin during a cool yellow. mute, concerned rainstorm
Cynthia Turner
Cynthia Turner Prieš 19 val
DATE ME ➡️ ok.me/f3yg !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Mr.Anderson Prieš 19 val
Dude I rather watch WWE than this bull shit
Luke McGuire
Luke McGuire Prieš 19 val
Floyd is arguably the best fighter ever. The fact that he couldnt even knock down that chump means it was a loss. He let him have his "win"
John Long
John Long Prieš 20 val
Still can't believe it
Ricky Hits
Ricky Hits Prieš 20 val
I wish the Paul's would disappear
Kiki Takoudi
Kiki Takoudi Prieš 20 val
hug competition
thomas anderson
thomas anderson Prieš 20 val
Boxing is overrated. The difference is in training. Aging Boxers will stop fighting you tubers because the skill level is not as wide as believed. A much younger good athlete with some training will often do much better than expected. Mayweather looked bad and couldnt put away a novice fighter with an 0-1 record. Hurting the legacy but getting rich.
Daniel Orton
Daniel Orton Prieš 20 val
KD was gas out there. He the best player right now. But I’m happy the bucks won
Eric Fricke
Eric Fricke Prieš 21 val
Dreams can't be buy
Mush Shrap
Mush Shrap Prieš 21 val
Poor little Durant can't win without multiple hall of famers. 🤣🤣🤣
Kaden Williams
Kaden Williams Prieš 15 val
no one can win on their own
V3xr Slayer
V3xr Slayer Prieš 20 val
At least with giannis on the other team
TEO HUI XIANG, CALEB Student Prieš 21 val
Is like logan just showered
johnnytheprick Prieš 22 val
Where the FUCK are the highlights??? Just two blokes talking crap.
arbilois Prieš 22 val
Class act KD
Bill Vang
Bill Vang Prieš 22 val
Don’t believe everything they say on sport media about everything. It’s just like the news media. It’s control by the organizations.
Bill Vang
Bill Vang Prieš 22 val
It wasn’t an CONFUSION call from the head coach to call a field goal kick at the end of the game against TOM BRADY the bucs. The coach had no choice but was force to lose. Aaron was confused at the beginning that’s for sure. Until he found out Brady had seniority to win. That’s why after that he wanted and demanded power to cuz he’s pretty dam good him self. Same goes to DESHAUN WATSON. THE TRUTH IS HE FOUND OUT AND WASNT HAPPY THAT BRADY GETS TO SHINE 2020. So he demanded same seniority. Cuz he’s at the top. And threat the company if they didn’t he will exspose them. BUT HES ONE MAN. They hit him so hard with the fake news with media that he is powerless but to summit. HA. Ya really Brady won the supperbowl? Pss if you did deep research or pay attention. It’s right infront of you. Sad af
Yanna Blessed
Yanna Blessed Prieš 22 val
His PARENTS should have been able to speak publicly about their son! She denied them of that.
Nava Che
Nava Che Prieš 23 val
Is holy smoke saints bought to win the Super Bowl
Sum 41
Sum 41 Prieš 23 val
the problem on that series is rudy gobert stuck inside, terrance mann is wide open all the time daring to shoot practice shots.
Colhoun Clan
Colhoun Clan Prieš dieną
Lolll Logan is just a SLUGGER....Throwing those Haymakers... TRASH boxer
Brandon Wildfong
Brandon Wildfong Prieš dieną
Logan had the longer arms and he was swinging them all over the place hoping for the best
Orlan John Scott
Orlan John Scott Prieš dieną
clippers win championship.
Petrichor Studios
Petrichor Studios Prieš dieną
Booker is gonna get it!
C & C Fun Factory
C & C Fun Factory Prieš dieną
🦗 🦗 poor bandwagons
Kevin Hagberg
Kevin Hagberg Prieš dieną
Fuck the Nets. Hope they can never stay healthy.
Jacob Nack
Jacob Nack Prieš dieną
correct me if I'm wrong but the hawks and bucks are the healthiest teams since the sixers, suns, and clippers have at least some kind of injury and pretty sure Atlanta is the healthiest in terms of injuries but with injuries and startling lineup remaining I believe the bucks are the best right now
Christian Carino
Christian Carino Prieš dieną
superteam sucks
Brennan Swanson
Brennan Swanson Prieš dieną
The real humour here is all these broke guys on LTtown making fun of Logan. The irony
Avon19X WGF
Avon19X WGF Prieš dieną
Hey MLB. Since you have in all stadiums the center field with a blacked out facing so that batters can pick up the ball out of the pitcher's hand, why not do the same behind home plate? That way the pitcher can pick up the ball that's batted going 100 to 120 mph before being beaned. Hopefully. That way you can even the field for all going concern and, perhaps, not have so many pitchers being beaned from a batted ball. How many careers have been ruined, or nearly so, from such an occurrence? Herb Score...Kazuhisa Ishii, Bryan Mitchell, etc., etc., etc.
Adarrius Courtland
Adarrius Courtland Prieš dieną
Y’all recruited kd harden Blake griffin just to lose Giannis 😂😂😂
stewdogg42 Prieš dieną
Who cares what you think . Show highlights
Erick H
Erick H Prieš dieną
Thanks for the kind words Mr. Kevin D The basketball gods were looking out for us this time we were a toe on the line from going home We were due for a break
Gonzalo Simon
Gonzalo Simon Prieš dieną
The guy talking is improvising
sc Prieš dieną
Fake fight to generate $$$ or make the blak man look better. What a joke.
Fan94 Knick
Fan94 Knick Prieš dieną
Where Brooklyn at?
Darm Bains
Darm Bains Prieš dieną
Mj Kobe Lebron Top 3 Fuckin stop this crap already. The way Kobe was most kids Mj! Lebron is always going be 3 no matter ehat
Darm Bains
Darm Bains Prieš dieną
Kobe is 2 get the fuck outta here
Rob Prieš dieną
"If they're (Nets) all healthy, this is going to be a different result!" C'mon, man. Do we have to do that lame discussion again. They weren't. Lakers weren't healthy, either. Lots of teams weren't. So what's your point? It's part of the game.
Eric Fricke
Eric Fricke Prieš 21 val
If you trade away all your depth for diva superstars, you take on that risk. It didn't pan out, that's reality.
A Kom
A Kom Prieš dieną
Kevin Durant coldest dude in the league
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza Prieš dieną
kevin durant will announce he wants to play for the Milwaukee Bucks next season.
Peter Vang
Peter Vang Prieš dieną
Good one
Jose B
Jose B Prieš dieną
Uhhh no 😂
Troy bandz
Troy bandz Prieš dieną
Pahanin Prieš dieną
Imagine Bruce Brown being the only Nets to score in OT
Kyle Rutten
Kyle Rutten Prieš dieną
Show us highlights.. could care less about you guys talking about it 😂
Andreas Collet
Andreas Collet Prieš dieną
Pretty classy interview. I hated him the whole series as a bucks fan but now that it’s over I can really display how amazed I am with this guys abilities.
Yvonne Evans
Yvonne Evans Prieš dieną
Bunch of mess - what the heck!
sat fan
sat fan Prieš dieną
Ha, ha Nets lost ! Waiting bucks vs philly. Fatigue ?50 million pus KD shoes 20 million from China.
hamhockbeans Prieš dieną
Thats nice now he can go home.
achacs1 Prieš dieną
Why he did not attempt for 2 points to tie the game? I think it's karma for always laughing and annoying Giannis for shooting airball at free throw line.
Hooty Wooty
Hooty Wooty Prieš dieną
είμαστε δυνατοί…..Strong as hell. Greek pride.
airforceups1 Prieš dieną
Eric Russell
Eric Russell Prieš dieną
I hope the net's band wagon is feeling this
etuboldon boldon
etuboldon boldon Prieš dieną
Things are a little different when you don't have to yellow-boned snipers as decoys...
Kev Prieš 22 val
@Jose Carranza yes he had one of the best playoff performances ever because joe harris was on the court
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza Prieš 22 val
@Kev Yeah it helps having great shooters spacing the floor.
Kev Prieš 22 val
He literally had 2 record breaking performances stfu and appreciate greatness while you can
Augustin Jerry Gagto
Augustin Jerry Gagto Prieš dieną
join the Bucks again KD,Harden cant help you win an NBA ring
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza Prieš dieną
kevin durant will announce he wants to play for the Milwaukee Bucks next season.
Atzin Espinoza
Atzin Espinoza Prieš dieną
People talk about how the nets are from NJ and are trolling them but where were the knicks ?? Lmaooo K
Jayden413 !
Jayden413 ! Prieš dieną
🐐 we’ll be back
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza Prieš dieną
kevin durant will announce he wants to play for the Milwaukee Bucks next season.
Troy bandz
Troy bandz Prieš dieną
I bet 😪😢😂
Mista4oewun4oe Prieš dieną
Defense wins championships. Go Bucks!!! # Fear The Deer.
Leisure Prieš dieną
KD is the truth
Brian M
Brian M Prieš dieną
@Leisure you wouldn’t say the same if it was bron , I don’t want to hear it
Leisure Prieš dieną
@Brian M fatigue, my brother
Brian M
Brian M Prieš dieną
Air ball
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza Prieš dieną
kevin durant will announce he wants to play for the Milwaukee Bucks next season.
Suzanne Kelly
Suzanne Kelly Prieš dieną
Kd still my fav player .....coming off that injury when everyone said he wouldn't be the same...he did amazing...giannis was great !!!!..congrats to the bucks
Kaden Williams
Kaden Williams Prieš 15 val
facts KD has nothing to be ashamed of joe harris on the other hand
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Prieš dieną
Breaking News: KD signs with the Bucks.
BossMan 12
BossMan 12 Prieš dieną
it is being reported that the nets are willing to trade joe Harris for that big ass roach they saw crawling outside of the stadium