Bill Kling
Bill Kling Prieš 19 val
The emeralds look like Mario Cions
Bill Kling
Bill Kling Prieš 19 val
Kenzy Sallam
Kenzy Sallam Prieš 19 val
Lmao I use a modded version of Minecraft Java which makes everything look like this, IDK why but I like it, so even though I'm not colorblind, I can really relate with George in this. I have seen normal Minecraft though, with colors I mean.
Kingdom Fire Channel
Kingdom Fire Channel Prieš 19 val
Sapnap I like your Minecraft shirt
Super Quick Slash
Super Quick Slash Prieš 19 val
Dr did a dum
Dr did a dum Prieš 20 val
3:33 gay?
i am the sun tee hee
i am the sun tee hee Prieš 20 val
Georges colorblindness looks so much dull and calmer for me
Lori Gaines
Lori Gaines Prieš 20 val
this is awsome
lyla5250 lyla5250
lyla5250 lyla5250 Prieš 20 val
theyre so nice to each other awe
the kid
the kid Prieš 20 val
16:06 - 16:25 When u see ur kid for the first time
Fire iron Playz
Fire iron Playz Prieš 20 val
00:36 tbh got flamed
gabriella vega
gabriella vega Prieš 20 val
He has 7 hearts left because 1 shot of a normal arrow takes 1 heart away.
Zack Sanchez
Zack Sanchez Prieš 21 val
time for mcc dream.
Gamer series
Gamer series Prieš 21 val
DREAM would come f helped
ღ Mitsuri Kanroji ღ
ღ Mitsuri Kanroji ღ Prieš 21 val
The end scream sounded like dream's
Xplode Prieš 21 val
*_How did we get here_*
Karma Prieš 21 val
im the same type colorblind with george and i... im confused
Shelby Tiger
Shelby Tiger Prieš 22 val
is it just me or that noise George made after dream said your mom is a beach sounded like a zombie pigman XD
dragonsarecool Prieš 22 val
when you are colour blind and people in your class constantly ask you to name colours 😑
Leena Holtari
Leena Holtari Prieš 22 val
Me: I can't hear what they're saying *turns volume up* Sapnap, Dream and George: AAAAHHHH OMMMGG
DieErdnuss Prieš 22 val
Is that greenblindness in games like fortnite you can set colorblindness and the level
Camryn Smith
Camryn Smith Prieš 23 val
The Likes :o
꧁ꨄCaitHasStøppedꨄ꧂ Prieš 23 val
*“WAIT YOUR YELLOW”* George: 🗿
Zoe Eppley
Zoe Eppley Prieš 23 val
BBH seeing the lava: No don't waste it!!!! Him ruining it all 5 seconds later: it's fine we have plenty more.
LeafWing TheFox
LeafWing TheFox Prieš 23 val
Sapnap: I'm tryna find the "stronghold room" Me:(claps hands) bravo Sapnap speech +100 Also me: Just kidding speech -100 Again also me: jk jk but STILL!
Isaac Vlogs
Isaac Vlogs Prieš dieną
The lava and fire looks like piss
LeafWing TheFox
LeafWing TheFox Prieš dieną
Sapnap: well I dont- Also Sapnap: LISTEN TO K-POP! Me: OMG YOUR BREAKING MY EARS!!!
John Ivan Olivera
John Ivan Olivera Prieš dieną
As a fellow colorblind myself. The only difference I can see is that Dream is yelow
I hate Me lol
I hate Me lol Prieš dieną
Tom Coles
Tom Coles Prieš dieną
Me thinking sapnap and dream are bad but then remembering I had to get myself prot 4 diamond to do a fortress (and that they’re like taking double damage) At least I always play on hard lol
Bruvn't Prieš dieną
Heather and Luke Wood
Heather and Luke Wood Prieš dieną
Sophia's Shook
Sophia's Shook Prieš dieną
I love how Dream sounds ready to beat up the colourblindness
FreezeNF Prieš dieną
Green = yellow? What world do I live in?
Lee OfHades
Lee OfHades Prieš dieną
nobody: sapnaps keyboard: **clikc clack the sound of broken back**
Mystical Orby
Mystical Orby Prieš dieną
George could actually wear a minecraft texture pack thats for colorblind people like george, and when he wears it, it looks like normal
Mystical Orby
Mystical Orby Prieš dieną
@Mattsterical I hope you didnt take it too seriously
Mattsterical Prieš dieną
that's not how it works
Kyle Evert
Kyle Evert Prieš dieną
Bruh in da thumbnail he’s useing a stone sord
Super Fitzkid
Super Fitzkid Prieš dieną
5:58 I found another lamb
Jackson Boren
Jackson Boren Prieš dieną
you should do one where you share inventory space
rVatti Prieš dieną
22:00 you can hear someone talking in background. Thats hella weird
SUPER FISCHY Prieš dieną
The likes tho
Phoenix Covers
Phoenix Covers Prieš dieną
Dream is lemon and lime now ig
Hyper _ X _ Techno
Hyper _ X _ Techno Prieš dieną
Dude Sapnap's scream in the last was so adorable
Sharia Ahmad
Sharia Ahmad Prieš dieną
Sapnap saying ‘eww’ ‘that’s so bad’ ‘I feel bad for you’ is lowkey offensive..
gaby aurelliac
gaby aurelliac Prieš dieną
If i and my friends and the raid starts i tell them to distract the raid so i can build a shed
pxsu Prieš dieną
you where the guy from ohnepixels,zeuses and fat swedish man case unboxing right?
Ana Xiptera
Ana Xiptera Prieš dieną
I was wondering why is Sapnap not streaming so i went to his channel and i saw that u wasnt subbed but 1 week ago I WAS!wth happend?!
ItzMilkyX Prieš dieną
why is half way through they start not sharing damage
nezel emnacion
nezel emnacion Prieš dieną
U s
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Prieš dieną
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Prieš dieną
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Prieš dieną
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Prieš dieną
yeah yeah
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Prieš dieną
hahaha lol
Gorillaz Playz
Gorillaz Playz Prieš dieną
George couldnt see what they could see because the mod was switched on for him too.
katerine re
katerine re Prieš dieną
I enjoyed the video! I've been trying to look for video similar to yours that really explains everything in this vid. 👌Your explanation is like the vids of this informative medical student Doctor Ethan! Doctor Ethan's videos are useful and I actually learned a lot for my studies! He is an educational Dr in Europe and he explains health symptoms and vaccines! You should check out his channel out and give the health enthusiast a like over here! 👉 #DoctorEthan
Coke Prieš dieną
george: guys it's normal...
Kevin Sebastian
Kevin Sebastian Prieš dieną
@Sapnap @GeorgeNotFound @Dream play in the mcc with this mod on ..likes overflowed :-)...
Coconut Prieš dieną
Our world in 2050.
Silver PSYCHO .w.
Silver PSYCHO .w. Prieš dieną
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official Prieš dieną
weird to think that this isn’t only in minecraft, he sees everything like this
Dave Belleza
Dave Belleza Prieš dieną
3:53 im dying
Wesler 805
Wesler 805 Prieš dieną
8:39 ok buddy🙃
Mustard Rat
Mustard Rat Prieš dieną
Saving dat 16:06
Lena Arriola
Lena Arriola Prieš dieną
I just sub bc I thought I sub but nvm I didn't lmafo
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official Prieš dieną
it got a million likes
Melon Berd
Melon Berd Prieš dieną
Sapnap, Sapi nap, Sap a nap, Sappy Nappy
Kyle Petersen
Kyle Petersen Prieš dieną
Sapnap please upload again I cry every time I check your LTtown and don’t see a new video
Caro L
Caro L Prieš dieną
To all colorblind people even George: *Try and make the best out of your Life even if ur Colorblind. Try to make your life perfect*
Boku•hq Prieš dieną
Its so sad that there are some people who see the world like this and everything looks so dull and colorless i feel so bad :((
breeze Prieš dieną
Micro Animators
Micro Animators Prieš dieną
12:55 dream got deported
Ulthoor Home
Ulthoor Home Prieš dieną
Pillager's are hunter
HappiestTick234Playzz Prieš dieną
Well Dream, guess you got to play MCC with the filter on! LOL XD
Moonlight Gacha
Moonlight Gacha Prieš dieną
Bro, is George double color blind with this filter?
Pinkcat 518
Pinkcat 518 Prieš dieną
Did anyone else notice that George was sassyer than normal? Like he threw away the leather hat!
Liang Edna梁安沂
Liang Edna梁安沂 Prieš dieną
Omg 1 m likes lol “Oh dreammmmmmm “ play mcc with the mod pack
Elizabeth Ojinal
Elizabeth Ojinal Prieš dieną
imagine. sap n nap is a food
Erin Haggerty
Erin Haggerty Prieš dieną
lol hey ur cute
Aarnav Tripathi
Aarnav Tripathi Prieš dieną
Love from india
Nothing 971
Nothing 971 Prieš dieną
I’m red green color blind which is brown green red and orange and bro he a lot more color blind then me edit: what if we swing colors correctly and all the people that aren’t color blind can’t see properly