Dream SMP Blooper Reel
Wilbur is pregnant?????
Softboy - Wilbur Soot
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Prieš 7 val
"I didn't die."
Ethan Prochnow
Ethan Prochnow Prieš 7 val
That awkward moment when my boi Dakota wrote must of this
JacobExCraze Prieš 7 val
Jesus. Tommyinnit is a bit too innocent.
Lil Savage446
Lil Savage446 Prieš 7 val
No disrespect to neither niki nor wilbur but I now see why people would ship them together. They're just such good friends and both incredibly talented.
Archit Sahni
Archit Sahni Prieš 7 val
IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Speedy Painter
Speedy Painter Prieš 7 val
Those shoes look like the wall humpty dumpty fell off of
evisusantimurphy Prieš 8 val
First time I saw him I didn't find him annoying I love him😀
evisusantimurphy Prieš 8 val
I sub to him aka tommyinnit and you
evisusantimurphy Prieš 8 val
Why did ppl dislike this vid its good
Đức Minh Hồ
Đức Minh Hồ Prieš 8 val
Sam Boyd
Sam Boyd Prieš 9 val
Poor dream his heart broke and so did his back-
Carson Zuba
Carson Zuba Prieš 9 val
just drink a milk bucket so mining fatigue goes away
Alessandra DiPietra
Alessandra DiPietra Prieš 9 val
Hey what about Mr. Miyagi? :) he's alive I
monsterballthree Prieš 9 val
I would totally pay money to see the concert LOL
MattieBear Prieš 9 val
Dream the whole time: *I am the blooper*
Harmony Student 010 Tzu Chi
Harmony Student 010 Tzu Chi Prieš 9 val
Dream did you do that
Moon Gaucha
Moon Gaucha Prieš 10 val
Ghostbur sounds like he’s on the verge of tears 🥺😖
Braixel the Goblin
Braixel the Goblin Prieš 10 val
Those ain’t platforms Sis, those are fucking throat stompers
Abraham Aguilar Noriega
Abraham Aguilar Noriega Prieš 10 val
oooh that poggerrs
Damon Prieš 11 val
“You can be my valentine if you want George” “No” Dream: Glasses of bottles fall over" Dream sings: all around me ARE FILMAR faCES!
Neo Matthew Pesino
Neo Matthew Pesino Prieš 11 val
this reminded me of the "block of doom" aka a shulker box that would crash peoples game if they went in my chunk lol
kate potje
kate potje Prieš 11 val
Poor dreAm
Oikawa’s Little Bitch
Oikawa’s Little Bitch Prieš 12 val
4:07 look what quackity said lol
Shadow Chloe14
Shadow Chloe14 Prieš 12 val
we need a actual blooper real from them There so many that it can make a video XD
sarah sanchez
sarah sanchez Prieš 12 val
It sounds so english like I can understand it but then at the end it sounds german
Yaya Doodlez
Yaya Doodlez Prieš 12 val
Ranboo getting back into character is why i love him so much
•Fem y/n•
•Fem y/n• Prieš 12 val
la squadra esecuzioni micro
la squadra esecuzioni micro Prieš 13 val
Dead Meme242
Dead Meme242 Prieš 13 val
Dead Inside
Dead Inside Prieš 13 val
Wilbur - older brother trying to convince his younger brother that every girl that’s a friend isn’t his girlfriend. Niki - Wilburs best friend Tommy - younger brother who is convinced that every girl that wilbur is friends with is wilburs gf Minx- cousin who comes over all the time to wreak havock
Art crowley
Art crowley Prieš 13 val
6:06 😂😂😂😂 the way he says it
The Frick
The Frick Prieš 13 val
oh my god im dying techno screaming OHHHHHHHh OGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
StormFlyer 657
StormFlyer 657 Prieš 13 val
Uncle Iroh dies of old age
Ash linx
Ash linx Prieš 14 val
Maya Reyes
Maya Reyes Prieš 15 val
please update this playlist soon !!
Funny Bros
Funny Bros Prieš 15 val
Every SMP should be added a proximity chat mod
Noah Roberts
Noah Roberts Prieš 16 val
lyrics (philza!) his name is philza minecraft and he is quite old he is married to a woman and that is interesting technoblade has a golden crown i am massive, i am massive wilbur soot is a musician he sings about women which i find cool technoblade wears a gown in the gown? he doesnt own knives
Shard Prieš 16 val
The election of 1800’s was the most gorgeous train wreck ever
Nur Aaira Safia
Nur Aaira Safia Prieš 16 val
Dream- falls Dreams Chair- SAY YES YOU B***H Me- What the Hell Dreams pov- hE bRoKe uP wItH mE
SOLO Prieš 16 val
:| :,|
Lunar Ice Cream
Lunar Ice Cream Prieš 16 val
One thought on what to wear with that is a unicorn onzie I don't think anybody cares but an idea. (also I'm late to the show)
DarkBladeTheGod Prieš 16 val
His power is to make orfians
ALIVIA CASTO Prieš 16 val
Tommys adopted
Inconspicuous Prieš 16 val
Completely out of context say to yourself while looking at a salmon Oh my god. Now both your parents are dead. Tubbo again- let Wilbur eat her
shadow Prieš 16 val
The rat from teenage ninja turtles did die
LUCY SHULT Prieš 17 val
Kerem Furtun
Kerem Furtun Prieš 17 val
He is using kill aura
Truthbehindethetruth Prieš 17 val
Land chuckles Im in danger
John Michael Vincent Quintela
John Michael Vincent Quintela Prieš 17 val
The fact that LTtown subtitle defined by it as "Music" lol
Pixel Prieš 18 val
For no reason I woc dream
freddybonnie Prieš 18 val
thats funuf
Lucas Magnusen
Lucas Magnusen Prieš 18 val
So she cheated pn wilbur?
Sudhanwa J
Sudhanwa J Prieš 18 val
What the fuck did I just watch
PhoenixFlare Prieš 18 val
The fact how bad tommy freaked out to the point he screams philza
Sam Lyness
Sam Lyness Prieš 19 val
the fact that they just abused their power is exactly why techno is right
Wavvy Mag
Wavvy Mag Prieš 19 val
Making this my ringtone
Sam Lyness
Sam Lyness Prieš 19 val
sorry but i hate quackity , such an ass, and also, anyone would be much more likely to tell you something if you are nice and don’t demand them to do stuff
Blue uni
Blue uni Prieš 19 val
I haves theory :> but keeping it too my self 😚
Jeanette Schwager
Jeanette Schwager Prieš 19 val
Why does Fundy have one nostril
DrakeTheMemeLord Prieš 19 val
Mia Poluchuck
Mia Poluchuck Prieš 19 val
When the voice inside your heads discord breaks
Princess kawaii
Princess kawaii Prieš 19 val
probably my most favorite blooper is one from Tommy’s last dream smp stream when he went into the prison and his thing just started lagging so bad
Rose Anne De Castro
Rose Anne De Castro Prieš 20 val
Now i know why ghosbur avoids problems he wants people not to feel waht he felt and thats wat he did to his own som and yeah get it comment
h3ll0_th3r3 Prieš 20 val
i dont see any bottles 😦
Mando Customs 123
Mando Customs 123 Prieš 20 val
david cantarero Mendoza
david cantarero Mendoza Prieš 20 val
*good gaming chair
Isa_ 1109
Isa_ 1109 Prieš 21 val
Alberxt Prieš 21 val
hayloft is a song the band is mother mother
RandomDude Haha
RandomDude Haha Prieš 21 val
It's funny how this video is age-restricted like it's not meant for TommyInnit to see
ZendPixie Prieš 21 val
Wilbur and Tubbo, in L'manburg uniforms, singing Hamilton? are you _trying_ to make me cry?
Connie Prieš 21 val
“What did they do to my trumpet”
Controlla Guy zia
Controlla Guy zia Prieš 22 val
You can hear Wilbur nearly crying 😢🥺🥺
Turtzing 5610
Turtzing 5610 Prieš 22 val
#RIP Technoblade
Lindsay Fletcher
Lindsay Fletcher Prieš 22 val
why does techno sound like he was a newscaster
Freshly Editz
Freshly Editz Prieš 22 val
And then Tommy’s internet goes out while visiting Dream for the second time.....
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews Prieš 22 val
tEcHnObLaDe PrObLeM tHeRe No Is NoT
Tan Jia Le
Tan Jia Le Prieš 22 val
))m mm l
Eva Prieš 22 val
I've been waiting for this video...
Chandy 2
Chandy 2 Prieš 22 val
Poor Dream! He's heart broken and George is just laughing...
Zodiac Gacha
Zodiac Gacha Prieš 23 val
I'm drinking a McDonald's coke rn