How NOT to Play Minecraft!!!
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Pluto V2
Pluto V2 Prieš 2 val
deepo Prieš 3 val
like por lokonazo anasheee
FrostyBobby_ Prieš 3 val
If we learned one thing today, it is to never trust your stream
Кирилл Ш.
Кирилл Ш. Prieš 3 val
3:23 - 3:30
Martin Džara
Martin Džara Prieš 3 val
3:35 morry :D
xXTodoroki_ShotoXx Prieš 3 val
at the first whitch button he press?
build a boat builds
build a boat builds Prieš 3 val
Maria Catherine Mendoza
Maria Catherine Mendoza Prieš 3 val
in first guy he's left hand
Jerick Cabrera
Jerick Cabrera Prieš 3 val
Wait but isn't when I find 💎 there's🌋🔥🔥 near by
R Reader
R Reader Prieš 3 val
pin this for no reason if u read comments
Megan Hobden
Megan Hobden Prieš 3 val
The famous Fovvs on twitch at 5:56 😂
SnelsteRendier jg
SnelsteRendier jg Prieš 3 val
1st wone
badmoodseptember Prieš 3 val
My fav part is on the beginning.
insene gaming
insene gaming Prieš 3 val
You didn't sensor bad word your
Pat K
Pat K Prieš 3 val
5:14 that was me to day so here's what happend so I was mining right? Then i said "there's diamonds in the next 5 bloks " and guess wht? THERE WAS 💎 IN THOSE 5 BLOCKS AND IT WAS A 8 VEIN!!!!
CallMeLily Prieš 3 val
I don't have a toast tho
EvolvedBeretta Prieš 3 val
6:45 sync with music “hahahahahaha”
maira shahid
maira shahid Prieš 3 val
That glitch thing also happens to me.
Cheems Prieš 3 val
Zombies are attacking ur house: kalm Ur not playing minecraft:PANIK
Voltic BG
Voltic BG Prieš 3 val
I found a skeleton with full nether rire i swear
underswap sans
underswap sans Prieš 3 val
Poor guy man 0:00
Goat InAHole
Goat InAHole Prieš 3 val
2:18 found a smaller one
Yannick Philipsen
Yannick Philipsen Prieš 3 val
Het is JEREMY!!!
Roberto Lanante
Roberto Lanante Prieš 3 val
damn simps
Hans Suniga
Hans Suniga Prieš 3 val
I like the part when he called a salmon a chicken
Amari Tate
Amari Tate Prieš 3 val
George didnt do a glitch its a low % chance
The Dream's fan
The Dream's fan Prieš 3 val
When did tommyinnit have the aether
bowenderful Prieš 4 val
0:00 a legend had been born
MESHCO0 _ Prieš 4 val
you think i have a toaster
Drone V.E.W
Drone V.E.W Prieš 4 val
that first guy is so irritating
slogers 12
slogers 12 Prieš 4 val
Polish to Victory to 1v2 English
slogers 12
slogers 12 Prieš 4 val
Real noob
Kelson Soenksen
Kelson Soenksen Prieš 4 val
When the chickens hatch in 4 its not a glitch its like a 30% chance or some like that
aarengaming Prieš 4 val
the OGS mma right chat? who remembers that this channel does other youtubers reactions
Umar Patel
Umar Patel Prieš 4 val
1:54 hes so lucky he ate a gapple and had extra two hearts but if he didnt he would’ve died
EmiCoolPro5555 Cool
EmiCoolPro5555 Cool Prieš 4 val
I liked best the first one with the volume warning
Awenn Gaming?
Awenn Gaming? Prieš 4 val
28:36 stuck on a tree in cave?
Matěj Hladík
Matěj Hladík Prieš 4 val
3:43 😂 Morry
its adamsh
its adamsh Prieš 4 val
Indra mani Adhikari
Indra mani Adhikari Prieš 4 val
The 50$ one
Azorix 69
Azorix 69 Prieš 4 val
Long live Yao Cabrera>: v. Hahaha
Ðarkløʀd Gaming
Ðarkløʀd Gaming Prieš 4 val
It's not 10IQ to fail MLG water
Lindo Family
Lindo Family Prieš 4 val
When people are gonna die from falling out of the world of fall damage noobs don’t use the ender pearl noobs hahahaha
a b
a b Prieš 4 val
Lol I don't have one
user Prieš 4 val
i have gotten that double spawner too!
Gameknight951 Prieš 4 val
Istvan Lacatus
Istvan Lacatus Prieš 4 val
He's hungarian 4:50
Mono ._.
Mono ._. Prieš 4 val
1:32 no I did bc I found diamond under 1 minute .. In a temple.
mrdogo games
mrdogo games Prieš 4 val
But I don't have a toaster
Sushila Patait
Sushila Patait Prieš 4 val
Fun fact : This is fun fact
GAMING CUBER Prieš 4 val
3:56 i went “it is hannahxxrose she cant mess up” and i spoke too soon
Gaming Reaper
Gaming Reaper Prieš 4 val
Rick William
Rick William Prieš 4 val
Quade Prieš 4 val
Only bots rage quit.
Jorke Jorke
Jorke Jorke Prieš 4 val
5:17 totally didnt stop in the midair for a second XD busted!
einmenschGHG Prieš 4 val
Why AustrianGaming instead of Wichtiger...
30 Lorenzo Miguel Villafranca
30 Lorenzo Miguel Villafranca Prieš 4 val
bruh if the girl did have blast protection i would have brooooooooooooooooooooooo op
Ričards kanennieks
Ričards kanennieks Prieš 4 val
Pov:i dont got toster
Dust Sans II
Dust Sans II Prieš 4 val
1:17 lmao...
Vita Yulia Arianti
Vita Yulia Arianti Prieš 4 val
yey mr. beast is now here :D
şükrü yunus tikilitaş
şükrü yunus tikilitaş Prieš 4 val
Videoda adal çıkmış AS BAYRAKLARI AS !
DinokidDoesStuffz Prieš 4 val
5:41 it beats walking
Vibe chief TV
Vibe chief TV Prieš 4 val
dantdm i like the short scream
Diego Zannelli
Diego Zannelli Prieš 4 val
2:50 did he got to stronghold after teleport?
Tauras Vadeika
Tauras Vadeika Prieš 4 val
No they will die
Quivy The Quiverer
Quivy The Quiverer Prieš 4 val
Lol the video actually buffered xD
Geilomatigo Prieš 4 val
Wenigsten ist basti drin :D
Bream Prieš 5 val
"Now There Simping In Pokimane"
LADY ROBERTS Prieš 5 val
5:47 can you run ads?
The Gamers Room
The Gamers Room Prieš 5 val
Your thumbnail has my name in it (Not a joke)
ST1_Maks Prieš 5 val
SlimeCrafterLP Prieš 5 val
6:30 gamemode 1 lol
Turkishgamer Prieš 5 val
Oh no dont unplug my toaster