Carving a pumpkin in real life
I deserved this...
Prieš 4 mėnesius
Chill Minecraft "Pack.PNG" vibes :)
Sabotaging Fundy in Fall Guys...
My subreddit was a mistake...
Prieš 10 mėnesių
Weeb 07
Weeb 07 Prieš 20 val
Did anyone else get bulkied for liking minecraft when it was a less popular game but now the people who were bulling you now are playing minecraft but the up side is that you can beat them in pvp
Spicyisdumbb Prieš 20 val
Oh ffs recommended I thought we moved on from recommending this
supreme sega
supreme sega Prieš 20 val
Lauren Sawin
Lauren Sawin Prieš 20 val
Kristen did really well with editing!!
Lucas brockenbrough
Lucas brockenbrough Prieš 20 val
Father fragrance
usman thecoolestboyalive
usman thecoolestboyalive Prieš 20 val
the like > dislike ratio is honestly amazing
TheGreatBeanis _
TheGreatBeanis _ Prieš 20 val
You raising Tommy well
Jack Grice
Jack Grice Prieš 20 val
13:39, yes, WE are one of those animals
Pog MOMENT Prieš 21 val
Ben shapiro really said "my wife's a doctor" and the fucking died
Cryptik_Skull FN
Cryptik_Skull FN Prieš 21 val
It feels sad man still it hurts me that 5 years went to nothing but I am happy A few thing was there........ THE MEMORIES, THE JOURNEY, THE STREAMS, THE FUN AND FINALLY PHILZA MINECRAFT HIMSELF. HE IS A DAD AND A HUSBAND BUT HE STILL UPLOADS EVERY DAY FOR US TO WATCH. Love you Phil man
Klackbyrne Prieš 21 val
Wilbur sand Jesus confirmed
Austin Flora
Austin Flora Prieš 21 val
My phone has surround sound so left ear and right ear check worked
Dontkillmepls19 Prieš 21 val
I realized that phil’s channel is a few months younger than me
Night Hawk
Night Hawk Prieš 21 val
Phil what ability is techno gonna have
Cownnana Land
Cownnana Land Prieš 21 val
Mean Man
Mean Man Prieš 21 val
2:30 eboy philza
Wojtek Kampe
Wojtek Kampe Prieš 21 val
@Ph1LzA play terraria- it's fun
KrakenatYT Prieš 21 val
oh no... another war? O_O
Summergutierrex Prieš 21 val
I love watching everyone's POVs from this stream/ mod!!!!
Vendetta Prieš 21 val
why did you not fly
No one literally no one me :- they restarted the dream SMP Season two
Tobias Jauregui
Tobias Jauregui Prieš 21 val
Phil a is the most pretty bird
Yash Thorat
Yash Thorat Prieš 21 val
Philza bahi kaise hai?
Lucifer Prieš 21 val
At 7:00, that was how you knew about the portal not working with Ranboo and Nicki when they where trapped in the Nether!
lonelyVex2k4 Prieš 21 val
(20w15a) = 2015 anyone relize?
BabyBear! Prieš 21 val
Omg I have never seen fill so happy
Worel 01
Worel 01 Prieš 21 val
The more I watch Ph1LzA, the more I want to watch Ph1LzA.
Nirbhay Prieš 21 val
Tommy is the SIMP
Krystal Bennett
Krystal Bennett Prieš 21 val
sand is good
Cloud Prieš 21 val
Worth it watching these, almost 1 hour
Junior Chavez
Junior Chavez Prieš 21 val
Phil: bird Tommyinnit: chicken So about the sleepy boys
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Prieš 21 val
I wish I found Philza before
Kiki's World of Gacha
Kiki's World of Gacha Prieš 21 val
it's the mwinecwaf for me lmfao
Chrisnix Prieš 21 val
i fucking watched the whole video im so tired this is fun
SBK78 Prieš 21 val
Bm-Tha-A-Tha-Ay-Bm-Bm Na-a-No-os-the-A Bm-Tha-Ay-Bm-Nos-Bm-the-A-pt-Bm Bm-Tha-A-Tha-Ay-Bm-Bm Na-a-No-os-the-A Bm-Tha-A-Bm-Na-a-Bm-Bm-pt Ya’ll gone (pft) make me act a fool, (pft) up in here, (pft) up in here! (pft) Ya’ll gone (pft) make me loose my (pft) cool, up in here, (pft) up in here! (pft) Ya’ll gone make (pft) me bust a (pft) smack, up in here, (pft) up in here! (pft) Ya’ll gone make (pft) my fingers snap, (pft) up in here, (pft) up in here! (pft) Why should I battle a crusty old man When you can’t even defeat a little weak Peter Pan Ya lucky this is (pft) only a beatbox (pft) battle Cause in a real battle (pft) I make ya feel rattled Look at him, (pft) he only got one planet, (pft) I got the whole Galaxy (pft) under my dependence, (pft) You’re gonna beg (pft) when you bleed and die, (pft) As you realize (pft) destiny arrived Ya’ll gone (pft) make me AHBRTT AHGHHBABEBETAEBFHGAHFHBRTHBRTTTBRTTT Ya’ll gone (pft) make me AHBRTT ABHTETETFBEBATEABTGTEHUAHBRHTBRHT Ya’ll gone (pft) make me AHBHEHH BHRBHBAUTBAHBAUHBRHBRTTBRTT Ya’ll gone (pft) make me AHBRTT SSAHBEHBEBTBSSHFBETHUFDHAHDBHTBHTT BMFAFETTYFETTYBMBM DON- DON'T STOP BMFETTYBM DON- BMFAPFTDAH BMFAFETTYFETTYBMBM DON- DON'T STOP BMH LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO SCRATCH IT BMFABETEHETHETETBETBEBATBEBABETBMFABETATAHETETBETGABETEBBTEABTHABHRTBHRTHEHAHBMBETTBABTBETAEBTETBHTEHABHETAHETABM Either way, destiny still arrives BEEHYUHMM
Sandro Shurgaia
Sandro Shurgaia Prieš 21 val
*spawns baby zombie* *ptsd*
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Prieš 21 val
Every time I rewatch Shlatt say "I'm going up!" I just die
Thumpertherabbit Prieš 21 val
1.17 be like thanks for the idea phil
Questionable Spy
Questionable Spy Prieš 21 val
You forgot the dirtlands, not technically a biome, but I’d consider it one because is potential size can be that of a real biome, as to how they form idk, but it’s pretty much where a giant chunk of land is covered in just dirt, no stone no coarse dirt, literally just dirt. And since there is usually no grass around it, it undone. Which I’ve only seen it once, on the side of a mountain (because it’s far away from any grass) around 5 million blocks out.
TheReticent Prieš 21 val
They should make it when Tommy gets hit he gets like speed 3 for 5 seconds.
Xxgamer64xX 5203
Xxgamer64xX 5203 Prieš 22 val
now add nausea
Grandma Bertha
Grandma Bertha Prieš 22 val
i came for schlatt
Aj Night
Aj Night Prieš 22 val
*Listened to you saying that you are pissed cause someone was doing school and watching u* HeH- Totally not watching you while doing school- Dont be Pissed dad :,>
Putera Aleef
Putera Aleef Prieš 22 val
StukiStar Prieš 22 val
may 18th :)
Member of Chara Defence Squad
Member of Chara Defence Squad Prieš 22 val
Someone in the chat said "CAN YOU SEE GLASS" bruh I'm wheezing-
Mr. Enderchest Shorts
Mr. Enderchest Shorts Prieš 22 val
water breathing potions 📈📈📈
Be3 Prieš 22 val
They're such an adorable couple I can't- :'] <3
Emma Jordan
Emma Jordan Prieš 22 val
Everyone that actually clapped when philza to clap raise a hand ✋
jared miracle
jared miracle Prieš 22 val
the first time i sall you was on Wilbur stream and i look you up and im watch all of your hard core S4 i have a lot of your vids to watch.
Gaming TV
Gaming TV Prieš 22 val
3:36 there’s a Enderman that teleported to him in mid air
Krill Sticker
Krill Sticker Prieš 22 val
Phil has murdered 8 dolphins the 2 unnamed ones, phinza,belle dolphine, mcdolphin, taco bellphin, phineas, and pherb somebody must stop him
Fluffybunny 4499
Fluffybunny 4499 Prieš 22 val
Uhhh wilbur there are some types so fish that poop sand
Pyro Patrick
Pyro Patrick Prieš 22 val
Is that spyro music?
lil Van
lil Van Prieš 22 val
Kelsie sagen
Kelsie sagen Prieš 22 val
Kristin is the most pog editor of all time
Light_ Dream
Light_ Dream Prieš 22 val
Your so great Philza and u deserve all the recognition u get and if I ever see a baby zombie I will kill it no matter what to avenge u and I love your content Phil so keep up the amazing work and tell Wilbur I said *SUCK IT GREEN BOY* and that I love his songs :D
Arlo 6T9
Arlo 6T9 Prieš 22 val
Dude legit, Phil and Kristin are so cool 🌟🌟🌟
paraboloid Dudley
paraboloid Dudley Prieš 22 val
The tenuous prosecution postauricularly welcome because verdict impressively jail beside a drab jam. black, breakable plier
DIBS Prieš 22 val
I remember playing on this new version of the game for the first time i was so amazed
paraboloid Dudley
paraboloid Dudley Prieš 22 val
The discreet kitten phytogeographically reproduce because open ontogenetically push than a kindhearted flock. probable, heady gliding
twentybomb _evman
twentybomb _evman Prieš 22 val
i cant wait for the stream in 2 hours its the first time im gonna watch him im so exited
MyNameisRex Prieš 22 val
The day he made minecraft
Just_ HaikaL
Just_ HaikaL Prieš 22 val
All hail the fragrance man!
Mozz b
Mozz b Prieš 22 val
my cat died in my arms last night so i’ve not been doing very well but your vids have helped me calm down so i just wanted to say thanks phil <3
Bot Man
Bot Man Prieš 22 val
sand tast good
Cloud Prieš 22 val
Alternative title: Cyber Bullying Fundy
Nick Cariglio
Nick Cariglio Prieš 22 val
Alternate title: spider priest peer pressures flying British man into smelling his pocket contents while bird child twitches in the corner
LOL man don't ask
LOL man don't ask Prieš 22 val
Baby zombie I am gonna end this man whole career
Gema Rios
Gema Rios Prieš 22 val
Burburbitt0 Prieš 22 val
phil we have the same headphones i think
CChicken Prieš 22 val
cyber gaming
cyber gaming Prieš 22 val
sooo , op cant say anything
Marcos Prieto Fernández
Marcos Prieto Fernández Prieš 22 val
Two notch apples? OMG
Not Cheezi
Not Cheezi Prieš 22 val
Dadza has a nice smile
Not Cheezi
Not Cheezi Prieš 22 val
It's a mach made in heaven. The two boomers of the server are friends
Weeping Willow-0ak
Weeping Willow-0ak Prieš 22 val
Since schlatt wants to be fragrance man he should work for febreeze
Jakob Elliott
Jakob Elliott Prieš 22 val
Idk about you guys but I say we kill all of the glow squads brutally and add honey cows instead
Sasiskas Prieš 22 val
When he found a village with a broken portal I instantly thought of Take Back The Night.
carlstal Prieš 22 val