Portal 2 with Kryoz
SMii7Y's BEST OF 2020!
Prieš 2 mėnesius
The Perfect Teardown Heist
Prieš 2 mėnesius
Making things go BOOM in Teardown
I am the worst Spider-Man
Prieš 2 mėnesius
The Most Confusing Among Us Lobby
Teardown Makes Me ANGRY
Prieš 3 mėnesius
I Became Wildcat's Pet in Among Us
DESTROYING More Things in Teardown
Following people around in Among Us
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson Prieš 13 val
3:27 but you’re in the air...
Reymundo Calderon
Reymundo Calderon Prieš 13 val
what would happen if there is multiplayer in this game
Cash Anderson
Cash Anderson Prieš 13 val
NACHIBOY Prieš 13 val
How am I only watching this now
sawyer arnold
sawyer arnold Prieš 13 val
bunger 🤨
Jimmy Gorman
Jimmy Gorman Prieš 13 val
I like how he said get the f of the game
Richard Eubanks
Richard Eubanks Prieš 13 val
14:16 that legit made me jump
TheGreatPanda Prieš 13 val
1:25 am I a dick for throwing this out there...
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw Prieš 13 val
Just think what death by daylight would be like in vr?
Galaxy Pixel
Galaxy Pixel Prieš 13 val
I have been quoting 4:03 for like 5 years and I could never remember where I heard it. Guess I found out today lol.
Jordan Mendoza
Jordan Mendoza Prieš 13 val
3:20 Husbands in the 1950s
Code Man the 2nd
Code Man the 2nd Prieš 13 val
I'll take more Blade and sorcery
Smoke 5k
Smoke 5k Prieš 14 val
10 more sec for 13:37🙃
Nate Galanti
Nate Galanti Prieš 14 val
Protect the prime minister challenge with blarg and prime minister
Sōshi Miketsukami
Sōshi Miketsukami Prieš 14 val
After only 4 years it got 90k likes
Eclipse JJR
Eclipse JJR Prieš 14 val
Everyone: Smii7y: calls him self a piece of shit multiple times
KamoGamingDude Prieš 14 val
I love how different Smii7y is from regular youtubers. He gives commentary on anything in general and isn't one of those youtubers who talk just about the game and tryhard every video. Love you Smii7y :)
Austin Orr
Austin Orr Prieš 14 val
Climbing that tower gave me big assassin’s creed vibes
Darkest Carving
Darkest Carving Prieš 15 val
Smitty your reflection is your enemy As your character is a curse conflicting curses are weird and I don't want to see how it ends but you know what the treadmill was a thing
Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers Prieš 15 val
Idk why it bother me, but I shoot bows left handed, and seeing it done the other way messes with me alot
Conrad Hackett
Conrad Hackett Prieš 15 val
What game was the "who's silence" bit in?
:D Prieš 15 val
#15 in trending big froggers
Wait, its ink sac, not ink sacK
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green Prieš 16 val
Imagine falling to your death and your final words are, "Oh, this f****** sucks!!"
Bryan Turned Off
Bryan Turned Off Prieš 16 val
ChaosMiles07 Prieš 16 val
12:05 "Helloing!"
Potato Prieš 16 val
Legend Alexander
Legend Alexander Prieš 16 val
I like the end gimme a sec hit her with a bag
Wilfred Jr Ewen
Wilfred Jr Ewen Prieš 16 val
My dad was born in 1975
FissilePumpkin4 Prieš 16 val
I love your vr gameplay lol it’s the best
Mike Y
Mike Y Prieš 16 val
a vent hint in the cave
TNO TDN Prieš 16 val
24:02 Anthony is a rage treasure
Andrey Teslenko
Andrey Teslenko Prieš 17 val
Potato Prieš 17 val
You’re the best editing youtuber I know
Swapnil Raut
Swapnil Raut Prieš 17 val
More of this please
Sky 257 Utgk
Sky 257 Utgk Prieš 17 val
Just coming back too some of the good videos
Joaquin Sanchez
Joaquin Sanchez Prieš 17 val
6:55 she literally says “uh oh” after getting stabbed
Empty Program
Empty Program Prieš 17 val
Glad we have the same thought process of, "Big thing, must climb"
Wesnbud Prieš 17 val
I was watching this video and my internet crashed for three hours.
Joaquin Sanchez
Joaquin Sanchez Prieš 17 val
Holy crap I KNEW you would upload a blade and sorcery video soon because while watching another youtuber In the bottom right corner of the screen it said “Smii7y is playing blade and sorcery.”
Der Pizzalieferant
Der Pizzalieferant Prieš 17 val
Smii7y... you can activate infinite focus pool in the options book...
John Lanza
John Lanza Prieš 17 val
I love how every time Smii7y plays blade and sorcery he always finds something to climb
ShortLived Prieš 17 val
you ever just stab a mirror so hard the reflected blade comes right back?
meta gaming
meta gaming Prieš 17 val
climbing over it with smii7y the vr game
Pascal Stadelmann
Pascal Stadelmann Prieš 17 val
good video
Jeykey Prieš 17 val
21:49, Thats how I picture a tired jedi....
Dennis de Koster
Dennis de Koster Prieš 18 val
This was fun!
half life scientist
half life scientist Prieš 18 val
i can't wait to get my Oculus Quest 2 and play this
Jake Halo
Jake Halo Prieš 18 val
I can smell my vr headset by just watching this video
Jacko Prieš 18 val
I fucking love Smii7y with VR :D
Hazem Alloush
Hazem Alloush Prieš 18 val
Hazem Alloush
Hazem Alloush Prieš 18 val
Suna Suna
Suna Suna Prieš 18 val
post more vr it’s the most entertaining videos you make
Suna Suna
Suna Suna Prieš 18 val
Post more VR
dagazar Prieš 18 val
i'm still wating for SMii7Y to causualy pull out a shotgun in this
MI NE Prieš 18 val
30:20 thanks Alpha #2badyellow
me other me
me other me Prieš 18 val
its funny how its all dead when he not their
Junkrat Prieš 18 val
No one: Pirates during quarantine: 2:34
Nixolas Zinn
Nixolas Zinn Prieš 18 val
Smii7y, question, why didn't you get daggers and used them to make places to grab?
Corey Manjarrez
Corey Manjarrez Prieš 18 val
This is really smii7Y’s go pro vlog debut
STUPEAD Prieš 18 val
3:14 He stops the unfunny dagger scene thank me later
Nihilism Prieš 18 val
You can use your spells while using the bow to give your arrows certain powers
Da Squirrel03
Da Squirrel03 Prieš 18 val
I'm excited for more golf it those are my favorite videos VR is cool too.
monke Prieš 18 val
Download the U8.4 beta to fix lag.
ben blayney
ben blayney Prieš 18 val
12:!4 acc assassins can be hitman because hitman get payed to kill and assassins is someone who kills someone important. got really high SMii7Y hope u comment to ur fellow Canadian and make me smile
Alex Gerlach
Alex Gerlach Prieš 18 val
8:47 “bring out your dead!”
CanOf WD40
CanOf WD40 Prieš 19 val
Chemical sludge on vault
MiSt Assassin4312
MiSt Assassin4312 Prieš 19 val
This got trending im happy bout that
Jibba Jooba
Jibba Jooba Prieš 19 val
Anyone watching in 2021
Joseph Blasko
Joseph Blasko Prieš 19 val
Smitty there is a Star Wars mod with lightsabers
MattyG Prieš 19 val
I knew this video was coming because wildcat was playing and the steam notification came up 😎
imnormal 4978
imnormal 4978 Prieš 19 val
Smi7ty you've been wildcats pet Jk
ShadowLion Prieš 19 val
Smity you can combine some weapons with your magic try it also try the thor mod :D
RANDAM Prieš 19 val
So this is what Smii7y was doing while Nogla and the gang were playing
Pokey Cascade10
Pokey Cascade10 Prieš 19 val
So many best of 2021 moments could be from this video
gaming hd
gaming hd Prieš 19 val
Someone say to smii7y he can punch in to the chest and get out their heart.
Chris Mcneese
Chris Mcneese Prieš 19 val
Smitty saw a climbable wall and immediately started trying to ezio
Ezzah Prieš 19 val
Such a perfect thumbnail
Flip Prieš 19 val
12 on trending good job my man
James Archer
James Archer Prieš 19 val
Anyone else realize that smittys icon was the demonetize symbol