Ava Zhao
Ava Zhao Prieš 7 sekundžių
i think that jess had the bast home
Skunky Boy
Skunky Boy Prieš 15 sekundžių
gimme a sandwich
Petrus Korver
Petrus Korver Prieš 21 sekundę
Wow 8 YEARS ago
J E Prieš 24 sekundes
I am new to your Channel okay so I want to know why a werewolf😥😥
Skunky Boy
Skunky Boy Prieš 38 sekundžių
i wish for a sammich
Evelyn Sanchez
Evelyn Sanchez Prieš 40 sekundžių
I laughed so hard
Leo love unicorns
Leo love unicorns Prieš 41 sekundę
Davina Navarrette
Davina Navarrette Prieš 49 sekundžių
i big fan i 8
Moonlit Silver
Moonlit Silver Prieš minutę
What I was expecting: steak, baked potatoes, cake, and cookies What I got: broccoli Aphmau: And I took that personally Me: I also took that personally
Jim Hannon
Jim Hannon Prieš minutę
Lori Kyle
Lori Kyle Prieš minutę
Aphmau: MEOWWWWWW Ein:MEOWWWWW Me: O^O my ears are bleeding!! q^q
krystal ruiz
krystal ruiz Prieš minutę
am linke that plan
Ana Carmona
Ana Carmona Prieš minutę
Legend has it Ken is still trying to overthrow the government....
Jcg Gove
Jcg Gove Prieš minutę
In this video I laugh so hard
Kathleen Mulhall
Kathleen Mulhall Prieš minutę
This is how many people think Ein is to loud - - - - - V
Kallen Snezek
Kallen Snezek Prieš minutę
I 😍 cats
midnight ice angel wolf
midnight ice angel wolf Prieš 2 minutes
you no what you have to do to get kawaiii~chan mad you have to mess up a ship she would kill the other girl cat in like about 1 second
midnight ice angel wolf
midnight ice angel wolf Prieš minutę
like in my street
Tiarni Hope
Tiarni Hope Prieš 2 minutes
I'm like ehshdudyvduppufsngdbsdgdjfgfyjzggqh_&(5&/:_-£#5(_£-‰%(/')×÷¦÷{><©¦\÷ §¶§¶§¶¦\÷;`[€€™|{>{<}] ®©©¥€] {\¦^¡¿~¿¿¿¿¿¿
Raymonette Almond
Raymonette Almond Prieš 2 minutes
Aphmau is really protective of herself because she’s the baby
Jason Barry
Jason Barry Prieš 2 minutes
I im a girl
Lucky Mphamde
Lucky Mphamde Prieš 2 minutes
Mis aphmau I'm begging you 😢😢😥😧😩
Shawn Dyson
Shawn Dyson Prieš 2 minutes
GemGirl2009 Prieš 3 minutes
Garroth: “Did they make out?” Amber: “NO OF COURSE NOT!” Garroth: “Did he touch the *butt* ?” Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
LindaPlayz Prieš 3 minutes
im aphmau fan bc its is so cool
KT Prieš 3 minutes
Zane just please don't take cry it's inbarising. Just don't do that
Perry Goodwin
Perry Goodwin Prieš 3 minutes
THE RUG HAS APHMAU!!!-Peirce 2021
Evelyn Sanchez
Evelyn Sanchez Prieš 3 minutes
I was a fan of aphmau for 2 years
Ania Lissy
Ania Lissy Prieš 3 minutes
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Evelyn Sanchez
Evelyn Sanchez Prieš 4 minutes
I was a fan
J E Prieš 4 minutes
I agree to is it
Raymonette Almond
Raymonette Almond Prieš 5 minučių
I don’t blame the baby aphmau I do like Jetskis
Lucky Mphamde
Lucky Mphamde Prieš 5 minučių
You can send the code in the Reply please I'm begging you I'll get on my knees
Paiton Waters
Paiton Waters Prieš 5 minučių
Jake Maelstrom
Jake Maelstrom Prieš 5 minučių
4:03 "There's something telling me to do this." Me - takes Aphmau to a classroom: "You see honey, plot is-"
Paiton Waters
Paiton Waters Prieš 5 minučių
JustARandom Cactus
JustARandom Cactus Prieš 5 minučių
Almost all the comments: Zane zane zane zane zane zane zane zane zane zane Me: the font of the note reminds me of fc university when aphmau got that note
BD KHAIRUL Prieš 5 minučių
Davina Navarrette
Davina Navarrette Prieš 5 minučių
hi Aqhmau
E V Prieš 6 minučių
Omg noooo why
GalaxyGirl Prieš 6 minučių
-ᴠɪᴏʟᴀ Prieš 7 minučių
I dont know how to use makeup 😔
kapoor khan
kapoor khan Prieš 7 minučių
Do your best we love you 💓
Jane Zhang
Jane Zhang Prieš 7 minučių
kapoor khan
kapoor khan Prieš 7 minučių
It's fine 😊
Natalie Otto
Natalie Otto Prieš 7 minučių
Moses Celis
Moses Celis Prieš 8 minučių
I have Minecraft
Megan Grabe
Megan Grabe Prieš 8 minučių
I faled at this so faar
Veronica Guzman
Veronica Guzman Prieš 8 minučių
I love ahmap mom and she NO BOYS and that funny🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ashley Lemons
Ashley Lemons Prieš 8 minučių
Nice a mermaid
tseer111 Prieš 8 minučių
um... Zane is crazy...
Shelby Seney
Shelby Seney Prieš 9 minučių
4:33 Me whenever I'm at a sleepover and no one is coming up to eat with me :3
Lucky Mphamde
Lucky Mphamde Prieš 9 minučių
Dear mis aphmau I wold really love to play whith you and your friends in among us please
Gianna Lamparillo
Gianna Lamparillo Prieš 9 minučių
Zane: IT SEEMS AS IF NONE OF U CARE THAT APHMAU IS MISSING Zane: *CRIES* Me: O-O. he is the only one who pretty much who cares every time AND I WOULD NOT THINK HE CRYYYYY Also me: Zane is the one that wears black and seems as if he wouldn’t care about anything
Emmy Gripp
Emmy Gripp Prieš 10 minučių
I Love you ❤️💞
pang Moua
pang Moua Prieš 10 minučių
Cats I love cats
Sarah Coffie
Sarah Coffie Prieš 10 minučių
:( why
ARZ Johnson
ARZ Johnson Prieš 11 minučių
Please make a Gacha video I missed them🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
TYTHIE GCSEASA2PE Prieš 11 minučių
Xcd Weee
Hope Cook
Hope Cook Prieš 12 minučių
Aphmau i love ur videos 😊
H4T37 H473R
H4T37 H473R Prieš 12 minučių
Potatoes magicly falling on the floor Noi: ARE THOSE HAUNTED POTATOES
Chakira Allen
Chakira Allen Prieš 12 minučių
I hate mac and cheese
PrinceofPop8 Prieš 12 minučių
Ein: “ I don’t trust the baby.” Me: “You don’t trust babies!? Shaaaame!!!”
Scarlett Paschedag
Scarlett Paschedag Prieš 12 minučių
omg husband
Karinity Prieš 12 minučių
Aphmau keeps getting lost throughout the years for some reason
Janett Sewell
Janett Sewell Prieš 12 minučių
Poor zane
Michael Papah
Michael Papah Prieš 12 minučių
i love brokli
victoria proum
victoria proum Prieš 13 minučių
I ment gave
ageliki vasilopoulou
ageliki vasilopoulou Prieš 13 minučių
GOOD video Jess
Janett Sewell
Janett Sewell Prieš 13 minučių
Poor zane
Catherine Ryan
Catherine Ryan Prieš 13 minučių
Email why
Arianna Veilleux
Arianna Veilleux Prieš 13 minučių
excuse me aphmua your my favorite youtuber and it would mean the world to me if u would serch kyra mclaughlin and her channle shoule be the first one at the top if u subscribed to her and liked all her videos shes my cousin and it would mean so much to both of us but the reindeer song one was kinda embarresing but please!
Andrei Cocos
Andrei Cocos Prieš 13 minučių
ageliki vasilopoulou
ageliki vasilopoulou Prieš 13 minučių
Is it the so family friendly why did she say him crafting bish
Jess Prieš 13 minučių
Aww Cute Baby That’s Really Aphmau Lol 😝 That’s Great Lol 😂